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Opinions of Friday, 29 July 2016

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi

Dumelo, Montie FM trio: Terrorism won't be tolerated

President John Dramani Mahama recently admitted that the NDC was born out of violence. That was one of the rare times he spoke the truth, and it was on a platform at an NDC gathering. Verily, that is surreal!

From acid bathing to murders, to kidnappings, this party has done it all. In fact, more acid baths have occurred at the hands of NDC members and supporters than any other political party. Alas, their propaganda is bamboozling enough to blame it on others. There is an adage that says, "He beat me and cried, but was first to report and cry foul". That is with reference to the miscreants whose dispositions are just as mischievous as a fox's.

Recently, an untalented actor, John Dumelo, who is not as glamorous in the profession as the least of his peers, spoke unfashionably, telling students and others that "NDC is a good party, they won't throw acid on you"! I am annoyed for one simple reason, which is the gross ignorance that he has exhibited as a supposed literate.

In fact, his condescension speaks volumes about the "kpokpogbligbli" that has plagued the NDC. He was referring to the murder of the NPP Chairman, Adams Mahama.

The late chairman was allegedly bathed in acid by Gregory Afoko, brother of the disgraced former chairman of the NPP, Paul Foko. However, the suspected murderer was known to be an NDC supporter. However, when the plot to hide his nefarious crime failed, he got arrested.

NDC, being an unfaithful party of criminals as it is, deserted him to his fate. They then masturbated the chauvinism of their paid media loudmouths to stoke the fire as if to indict the NPP, a party that has distanced itself from anything that would disturb the peace of the country.

In order to corroborate my submission, let me refer the reader to some events. The Municipal Chief Executive of Wenchi in the BA Region, Yaw Osei Adjei, was suspected to have had a hand in the acid attack on the NDC Regional Youth Organiser, Bukari Mahama.

This terror was unleashed by an NDC member on an NDC member. In another incident, the Techiman North Constituency organiser of the NPP, Mr Peter Mensah was doused with acid by an NDC charlatan, who was protected by his criminal party.

John Dumelo should tread cautiously with his uninformed utterances. He is so ignorant that ignorance takes on a meaning of praise when used on him. So he should SHUT UP and feel comfortable with a diaper that should contain his shame while he grits his teeth as he sees John Mahama lose, embarrassingly.

Conversely, the uncouth programme host of Monite fm, Salifu Masse (aka Mugabe Maase) and his Bosses, as well as the bandits, Alistar Nelson (aka kpokpogbligbli) and Godwin Gunn, must really appreciate that their party cannot save them from the wrath of Ghanaians and the constitution that serves the nation. After all, the BNI could not even protect them, having released a domestic feline report that the threats of the terrorists mentioned were benign.

I was hoping that they would be given at least 5 years each for the grievousness of the threats that they issued especially that one about raping Her Lordship the Chief Justice, Mrs Gerogina Theodora Wood. A mother, a sister, a highly qualified professional that we all are so proud of could not have suffered such disrespect from a filthy bunch who know nothing about bathing and body hygiene.

But, hey wait a minute, where were those shameful NDC women who facelessly demonstrated against Hon Kennedy Agyapong for his "sex for a job" comment against the EC chair? Where were the shameful Anita De Soso, Oye Lithur, and Hannneh Tetteh who joined the other disgusting lot in the NDC to attack kennedy Agyapong? Or is it that Her Lordship Georgina Wood is not woman enough to warrant solidarity from her kind?

Shame on both genders of the NDC. There is a saying that if there is cotton wool in your ass do not jump a bonfire

Where were they when Mugabe Maase raved and ranted that Nana Akufo-Addo would be dead by June? What a bunch of hopeless idiots, bigots, narcissists, and extremists! The GOD that we all serve is just and faithful to HIS word. HE has given us Nana to do HIS divine work of saving Ghana from the grips of Satan and its partner in hell, the NDC!

In prison, there are some muscular giants who are deprived of romance, and equally fed up with the available holes they use. They will see Mugabe Maasi, Alistar Nelson, and Godwin Gunn, as new virgins on the block. Inshallah after four months, they will come out to tell us their stories of horror, and how they were painfully sodomised. Would they then still be in support of Oye Lithur's drive to legalise gayism?

Mugabe Maasi, Alistar Nelson, and Godwin Gunn.....wo b3 te kp333333!!! #WishedTheyWereGiven5Years #JohnDumelorKeepTheDiapersOnWoabonPaPa

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