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xxxxxxxxxxx of Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Drama as Suhuyini, George Andah 'clash' over 2016 elections

Two 'freshers' in next year's parliament served up what Ghanaians can expect in an NPP-controlled parliament and an NDC determination not to be push-overs.

Tamale North NDC MP-elect Alhassan Suhuyini and Awutu Senya West NPP MP-elect George Andah clashed in a bid to re-inforce their analysis of the causes of defeat and victory in last Wednesday's elections.

The governing NDC lost to its main rival the NPP and while the two MPs agreed to the opposition victory, they disagreed on the causes of the NDC's defeat.

So when host of Joy FM's Super Morning Show signalled a commercial break it sounded like a starter pistol at an Olympic race - it sparked the 'real, boisterous' full-blown argument.

Kojo Yankson was locked in his seat, helpless, as the two politicians struggled to make a point to a one-man audience, who suddenly appeared to find inattentiveness, a new virtue.

For some moments, they were satisfied to sit and gesticulate their points while commercials played...

You think the elections are over? You got to be kidding me

And then when a raised voice, passionate argument, and gesticulation failed, they found the need to stand up to make the point.

The two politicians appealed to a 'referee' who just did not want the job off-air.

Then as suddenly as it had begun, the arguments quelled like a riot in China - thanks to an end to the commercials, the show was back on air. And the two were back in their seats.

George Andah found new interest in his mobile phone while the former Radio Gold host calmed his nerves for the on-air discussion. Kojo Yankson was now happy to play his role as an umpire. You must feel sorry for the next Speaker of Parliament.