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Opinions of Monday, 27 July 2009

Columnist: MP

Dr Nkrumah Must Be Turning In His Grave.

People, why do I have the feeling that the Western world is taking the continent of Africa, its economy and occupants for granted? It seems that our relationship with the West is based on what they could dictate to us, as opposed to a mutual agreement on both sides. Even our trade relationship with them isn't built on how much both sides could profit, but rather on how much they could profit from us. For instance in a normal market setting, the manufacture/producer of a particular commodity determines the price of his/her product/s. And it's usually up to the buyer to decide whether to buy or not buy. Therefore how come that the purchasing price/s of raw materials and commodities, which are being produced and manufactured on African continent are not determined by ourselves, but rather by the West?

Indeed if the Western countries could dictate the purchasing prices of their commodities to the us, and to the rest of the world, then why can't we do the same with our products? Why do we have to beg, plead and kneel at their feet, to purchase something from us which they cannot live without? Normally the one in demand of something, is the one who is usually brought to his/her knees by the provider of whatever is being demanded, and not the other way around. The only time a demander of a commodity could determine the purchasing price of a commodity, is when the provider of the commodity, is either owned or employed by the demander of the commodity?

Which leaves us with the question of, is Africa owned or under employment by the West?

During President Obama's speech in our parliament, he illustrated on America's willingness to partner with Ghana in solving some of the issues affecting the African continent. Whilst this seemingly noble gesture from the United States president, was met with applause by both the dignitaries and parliamentarians present, I couldn't help being angry. And why? Because first, this statement of his was a blatant insult on our intelligence. And secondly, who told him that Africa isn't capable of managing its own affairs?

When would imperialistic America understand that Africans are not small boys or girls, whose hands have to be held, lest they run off and do something stupid or get hit by a car? If the America government is really serious with us, then she needs to stop treating Africans as some kind of ignorant fools. Because we're far more superior than that. We don't need the United States to advise us on how to run our economy. Mainly because, with all their economists, imperialistic America still has a trillion dollars deficit instead of a surplus. And so really, how do they intend to advise us? Surely not how to run our economy aground? Ghana has been colonized and by God she will not be Americanized. Unless of course her enemies within, who parade around as her friends, convince her to pursue and accept the American dream. Which in time has manifested itself to be a nightmare for many people around the globe, including America's own.

Whenever the so-called Third world countries gather to talk about progress and how to get ahead of things, both Imperialistic America and Great Britain send their secret spies and agents amongst them. Whenever Africa suggests global market inter-dependence, the West debunks this notion by suggesting global market dependence. Moreover when Africa proposes fair trade, the West disposes this notion with free, but not fair trade. And when we Africans elect great men and women of vision, to both lead and prioritize our collective interests, the West call these individuals of vision and great intent dictators.

And should they succeed in toppling these so-called dictators, with the help of some of our own treasurous fools, then they turn around and dictate to us. Ghana is an independent country, but she has yet to demand her economic independence. Which would mean her total and unconditional liberation from her colonial oppressors. Who control her economy from Wall street, London, Geneva and you name it.