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Opinions of Friday, 29 July 2016

Columnist: General Apuwada

Did we hand a poisoned chalice to our executives?

As if by clairvoyance, I expressed doubt if we'd selected the right crop of executives to manage the affairs of the party in the constituency—I had this nagging doubt right from the word go!!!

A day after the elections were held, I wrote a piece expressing lack of confidence in the team that was entrusted with the mantle of the party's leadership, which was met with a barrage of insults from people who disagreed with my opinion.

Here we are today, the chicken has come to roost ; poor leadership is being visited on us. Nobody had the foggiest idea why I brazenly kicked against the decision to entrust no mean position than the youth organizer to someone who resides about 842km away from the constituency—I asked this question (then); is he going to work via wi-fi? I didn't need sorcery to tell that a constituency saddled with youth unemployment among other problems needs a youth organizer who's proactive (and not reactive).

Today HAM (don't ask me what HAM means) has had to come pleading just like he does every election year—thanks to the indefatigable executives, he's become a seasonal "beggar" for forgiveness. I hope this year's mea culpa strikes a chord with the disillusioned voters once again.

What business do we have keeping a deputy constituency secretary who thinks a party office isn't necessary? When such an officer thinks that as an executive, one can operate from his bedroom then you can begin looking up the meaning of IGNORANCE. Should I be surprised to hear that the party office is now a cobbler's shop? Certainly not!!! Not when our executives see nothing wrong with it.

If an executive can threaten to send "hounds" after a member of the party because he allegedly referred to the crop of "indefatigable" executives as "lazy executives” then trust me!! We’re journeying on a treadmill—we're stuck in a cul de sac—for want of a better word.

A leadership that sees itself beyond reproach can't take a party to victory–It like a square peg in a round hole.

"Ka bi na m?n ka bi", as the Ashantis call democracy isn't meant for sacred cows but for those who are tolerant, considerate and can stomach criticisms. You have no business in politics if you can't tolerate criticisms.

There's nothing like synergy in the team under whose stewardship we hope to see a re - election of our lobbyist - everyone is busy "minding his own business" i.e. trying to get his/her cut". And like we say in kusaal; "b?s nam kisi taaba,ka waada n?? taaba " to wit, "beggars hate their kind but thieves love their fellow thieves". Be sure to see needless squabbles in a contest to court honourable's favour.

I end with this question (rhetorically); where are we headed for, if the regional chairman was unable to vote in the parliamentary primaries because his name was allegedly expunged from the party's register?

Just a friendly reminder:

2000 Hawa Yakubu (NPP)—22,335 Hajia Fati Seidu(NDC)—21,462 WINNER—NPP

2004 Hawa Yakubu—10,169 Mahama Ayariga(NDC)-18,518 WINNER—NDC

2008 Adamu Dramani(NPP)–20,157 Mahama Ayariga(NDC)–17,385 WINNER—NPP

2012 Alhassan Haruna(NPP)–19,082 Mahama Ayariga(NDC)–24,071 WINNER—NDC

2016 Gabiana Gbanwa(NPP)–? Mahama Ayariga(NDC)—? WINNER—??

I wonder how many of the indefatigable executives know these figures. As enumerated supra, the seat has been alternating between NDC and NPP. Instead of leveling needless accusations and/or counter accusations (at each other), lets think of how to endear the voters so that they help can us buck the trend.

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