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Diasporia News of Sunday, 20 February 2022


Diaspora Link: Ivy Prosper speaks about her Ghanaian background

Diallo sits down with Ivy prosper play videoDiallo sits down with Ivy prosper

On the 6th episode of Diaspora Link, Diallo sits down with Ivy prosper an author & professional to talk about her Ghanaian background and her journey from Ghana to Canada.

Being born in Ghana, Ivy tells Diallo that her family moved to Canada when she was 22 months and since then she’s lived her whole life in Canada.

She moved to Ghana in 2011 for a vacation after the Canadian and American economy collapsed. “This was my mother’s idea,” Ivy said.

Upon her visit to Ghana to relax, Ivy tells Diallo that she got a job within a couple of weeks attending a friend’s party, “this happened during a conversation, I got a job at SOS college running a creative writing center and eventually got another job hosting a TV show, the maternal health channel all through networking.”

Ivy spent 3years in Ghana and then moved back to Canada after shooting all episodes of the maternal health show.

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GhanaWeb TV introduces Diaspora Link with Diallo Sumbry

Diaspora Link is GhanaWeb TV’s latest programme presented by co-creator Diallo Sumbry, who is Ghana’s first African American Tourism Ambassador and the co-architect of Ghana’s Year of Return.

The pan-African programme is jointly produced by GhanaWeb TV, The Adinkra Group and Apples and Pears Ltd to highlight the breakthroughs of returnees in Africa and to explore their successes.

The host, Diallo Sumbry, brings on board his experiences in Africa as the author of A Smart Ghana Repatriation Guide and President & CEO of The Adinkra Group to enlighten pan-African audiences.

He sits with selected guests from the Diaspora who have moved to an African country or are doing business in Africa to take a deep dive into their journey. The guests come from all walks of life and each guest has a unique story.

Diaspora Link will be presented every Sunday at 5 p.m. GMT (9 a.m. PT/ 12 p.m. ET) exclusively on GhanaWeb TV to bridge the gap between Africa and the Diaspora.