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General News of Wednesday, 25 August 2021


Diallo Sumbry urges African govts to provide opportunities for diasporans

Diallo Sumbry is the CEO of The Adinkra Group play videoDiallo Sumbry is the CEO of The Adinkra Group

• Blacks living in the diaspora continue to trace their lineages to African countries

• Diallo Sumbry of The Adinkra Group wants governments in Africa to offer citizenships for such persons

• These opportunities, he believes, will help them invest in the continent easily

There could be many opportunities for Africans living in the diaspora to develop African countries should they be assured of citizenships, a diaspora living in Ghana has stated.

Diallo Sumbry, who is the Chief Executive Officer of The Adinkra Group, an African cultural resource company, in an interview on GhanaWeb TV’s The Lowdown, said that it is time for African countries to devise better ways of getting African-Americans living in the diaspora to come down and develop the continent.

He said that in his personal estimations, African leaders can show a vision for the development of the continent also through such initiatives.

He is of the hope that should there be such assurances for citizenships for many of such persons, they would easily flood into the continent and invest in things that will develop individual countries.

“Personally, I think that if African leaders were visionaries more than they are, and if they were bold enough than the African Union; and this is part of my personal mission in life that the African Union, starting with ECOWAS, and every other country will figure out a way to create a straight line pathway to citizenship for people of the African diaspora and really put in some energy and effort towards looking at the African diaspora, specifically the African-American population that has a 1.3 trillion annual spending and look at them as aid – foreign aid, and look at us as a way to develop their countries, and put some things in place, provide some opportunities.

“So, somebody making $150,000 a year in the US could come here, live and do very well investing in some small businesses. You’ve got tons of people, you’ve got historical colleges and universities. There’re so many resources that can be available to African countries by creating their pathways to citizenship because nobody is just going to come and if they can’t be a citizen and if they can’t get the benefits of citizenship,” Diallo Sumbry said.

This week’s edition of The Lowdown discussed the subject, Ghana’s Role in Diaspora Homecoming, Heritage Tourism.

It airs every Monday on GhanaWeb TV on YouTube.

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