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Opinions of Saturday, 19 November 2016

Columnist: Abdullah, Abdullah

Desperate times calls for desperate measures - Martin Amidu

Martin Amidu, Former Attorney General Martin Amidu, Former Attorney General

Abdullah, Abdullah

Gentlemen, it is now official Desperate NPP has now recruited desperate Martin Amidu to join their desperate campaign with Desperate Bawumia jumping around Tamale with his desperate mantra that Mahama is destroying the Northern Brand, desperately trying to ward away the loss that is staring them in the face.

But should we blame them for such desperation? Let us be honest a lot is at stake in this election for the duo serial losers.

As for Akuffo Addo he knows as well as I do, that nobody, not even his wife will give him a fourth time chance. Three and that is all! No more fourth chance, you need to retire. If he does not make it, out goes his dream of entering the list of Ghanaian Presidents. So we see what is at stake for Akuffo. He will also remain on record as the one who destroyed the house that JAK built.

What then is at stake for Bawumia?. It is obvious. To start with, here is man who from the point of the Akuffo era NPP he is not fit to lead Ghana. A wrong man in the wrong party at the wrong time. Was it not revealed that the NPP now believes that if you are from The Ga, area, and the Northern areas you are not fit to rule Ghana?.

Akuffo refused to condemn it so it means he fully endorses it. But should it surprise us when he himself describes his supporters as “Yen Akan fuo? Bawumia knows as well as I do that once they lose this time around, he is going to be history in NPP – Bad history. God knows if he is not going to blamed as the reason for their loses. So we see why our man is desperate?

In their desperation, they first used another despetare journalist – Manassah, it did not help them. Before that they recruited Postor Otabil, it did not help them. Now that they have been dazzled by the Nkrumah circle, they report a fake attack on Akkufo Addo. Maybe by that they think they can get the sympathy votes based on the assumption that Mahama and NDC will be blamed as Aggressive people. It did not stick, now they have thrown their trump card - Martin Amidu- NPP, God willing it won’t work!

God willing Mahama is winning hands down this time. His accomplishments are going to vote for him. Akuffos supporter Owusu Bempeh says Angels will come down to vote for Akufo. That is nonsense. He does not even know what an angel is. Poor man. Deceiving the gullible into believing that he knows what will happen tomorrow? He is a complete fake. He does even know when he was born and this is not future. Mahama’s accomplishments are going to vote for him, in Upper East, in Upper West, In Northern Region, In Brong Ahafo, in Ashanti, in Eastern Region, In Western Region, in Volta region, and in Greater Accra. God be with Mahama. God is with the humble.

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