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General News of Thursday, 22 September 2016


December polls will consolidate Ghana’s democracy – Mahama

President John Mahama has assured world leaders that Ghana will further consolidate her democratic gains after the December polls.

Earlier the Electoral Commission raised red flags over the volatility of Ghana’s electoral atmosphere citing the proliferation of small unlicensed arms among Ghanaians, and joblessness among the youth as some triggers that could lead to electoral violence.

However, speaking at the 71st United General Assembly in New York, President Mahama declared that Ghana will repeat her electoral success stories over the years.

“Ghana is a leading democracy in Africa. I stand before the world to declare that just as we have done in the past, my country will go to the polls this December and the processes before, during and after will mark a further consolidation of Ghana’s credentials as a leading world democracy.”

He however lamented the under-representation of African states in the United Nations Security Council.

He described the situation as a scar on the conscience of the world’s most leading advocate for democracy. “The United Nations Security Council remains an important source of legitimacy for international action on peace and security. While Africa accounts for close to one third of the UN membership and nearly two-thirds of the work of the Council, it remains woefully under-represented in the permanent and non-permanent category.

Eleven long years after the AU adopted the Ezelwini consensus, we are nowhere near achieving a more equitable reform of the UN Security Council. This will continue to remain a scar on the conscience of this world body if not remedied.”

Don’t force democracy on Africa – Mahama to the West

President John Dramani Mahama earlier appealed to the western countries to stop forcing democracy on Africa. According to him, Africa like many other developed continents in the world made mistakes which they learnt lessons from before progressing hence Africa must be given same opportunity.

“Democracy is not a one size fits all system, different countries are at different stages of the democratic journey.

Democracy evolves and cannot be forced on the people. It doesn’t help for biggest powers to go proselytizing democracy across the continent, it can have its negative consequences as we are experiencing in parts of North Africa and the Middle East, but still a properly functioning peer system can avoid some of the meltdowns we are experiencing in some African countries due to the desire to stay in office interminably.”