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Tabloid News of Saturday, 23 April 2022


Death will humble you despite your power and wealth – Mortuary man advises

Death is inevitable and people should live humbly Death is inevitable and people should live humbly

Ashanti Regional Chairman of Mortuary Workers Association Mr. Ebenezer Essilifie has revealed that death surely awaits everyone and that no amount of power and wealth can save anyone if it knocks.

Speaking in an interview with Ambassador TV monitored by, Mr. Essilifie underscored the need for human beings irrespective of their stature in society to humble themselves and bear no grudges against each other.

According to him, pride and exhibition of arrogance will take human beings nowhere as they will one day have their last baths done for them before they are interred.

“It is only when you are alive you can do a lot. If you are full of pride, boastful and loud it is not important. There is no one who has over 10 cars, or several mansions and when he dies, they will bury him with even one or even one of his mansions. I have vowed never to have issues with anyone. If you claim to be more powerful beware it would take you nowhere because death surely awaits you. Be humble and submissive because one day you will end up in the mortuary and then to the grave like others. Let us learn to love each other and be humble”, he urged.

Meanwhile, a colleague who had spoken about the death of the youth in recent times added “the young ones die a lot these days, especially the young boys. Those from age 15 and above are mostly teenagers. I become traumatized preparing such teenagers for preservation. It is a very pathetic situation to see someone who is just about to start life die prematurely. The kind of lifestyles of these youth is the cause of these deaths. Some of them in their quest to get rich fast, others as a result of promiscuous lifestyles, snatching of people’s wives and so many unhealthy habits cause these deaths.”