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General News of Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Source: Daily Guide Network

'Coup' plot: More revelations as video emerges showing suspect packing explosives

It appears security operatives, who are handling the case involving the ‘Alajo Bomb Doctor’ and others, have more telltale evidences, DAILY GUIDE has learnt.

The arrests of the proprietor of a medical facility, Dr. Frederick Yao Mac-Palm, and two others, Ezor Kafui, a local weapon manufacturer (blacksmith), and Bright Allan Debrah Ofosu, aka BB or ADC, have sparked heated debate over the motives of the suspects, as some sections of the public are even mocking the entire episode.

The government has, however, insisted that the busted stockpile of arms at the Citadel Hospital at Alajo in Accra was intended for an attack on the Presidency, and a subsequent overthrow of the government.

Telltale Evidence

It is turning out that one of the videos showed the Alajo doctor packing explosives from one location.

Three soldiers, according to Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, have also been arrested and assisting in investigations.

DAILY GUIDE can confirm that the evidences are beyond what were displayed on the pages of newspapers and on social media.

Text messages, videos and still photographs are among some of the evidences now safely tucked away at the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) as the suspects begin their court appearances.

Investigators did not encounter many hurdles during the interrogation sessions because some of the suspects ‘sang’ productively.

Painstaking Work

The evidences have been assembled painstakingly over the past 15 months, some aspects being the result of the contribution of retired security personnel.

Information available to DAILY GUIDE indicates that the botched plot was intended to create confusion after detonating the various Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) at selected targets commencing with the Presidency.

The ensuing confusion would then be an appropriate signal for the already radicalized ‘Take Action Ghana (TAG)’ to join the melee across Accra.

By this time, the consistent propaganda against government would have perhaps brought some soldiers and radicalized members of TAG on board the destabilization train.

So-Called Experts

A national security source has expressed surprise at what he termed “the cacophony being spread by some so-called security experts.”

He said, among other things, that “the coup is imminent” but the campaigners must know that the national security system is on top of affairs and would not sit down for the country to be thrown into confusion.

The Alajo doctor had with him a soldier when one of the devices was going to be test fired. The bomb doctor was also led to a location at Abelenkpe for a search. DAILY GUIDE is unable to tell whether that location is his residence or not.

Since the coup project commenced, the Alajo bomb doctor has not been as consistent with his practice of saving lives as a medical professional.

Retrieved Exhibits

Five locally manufactured pistols with fitted magazines, one foreign pistol with two extra magazines, three locally manufactured pistol barrels and three smoke grenades were retrieved.

Others were 22 Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), nine NATO type AK 47 magazines and a long knife.

The rest were seven mobile phones, two IPADS, two decoders, one modem, three tablets and one Ghanaian passport. Besides, two pen drives, one voice recorder, one USB connector including machines, materials for the manufacture of weapons, and IEDs were retrieved.

At the Bawaleshie location, 63mm rounds were also retrieved.

Local Weapons

As part of the project, Dr. Mac-Palm engaged an Alavanyo blacksmith to produce weapons locally alongside IEDs for an operation.

The blacksmith set up a workshop in a container, which previously served as an X-Ray laboratory within the Citadel Hospital. He started producing the weapons and IEDs within the location, the statement pointed out.

Bu Ingredients

Dr. Mac-Palm and Mr. Ezor procured from the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital some essential items needed as an additive to gun powder, stone chippings, surgical needles and powdered pepper for their operations.

A worker at the Base Workshop of the Ghana Army at Burma Camp was engaged for the supply of 10 AK 47 rifles for which an advance payment of GH¢7,000 was made.

Major Arrest

Last Friday, between 0915 and 1755 hours, the security assigned the operation descended on the location at Alajo and arrested Dr. Mac-Palm and his accomplices. This was followed by the retrieval of the aforementioned exhibits.

Defense Counsel

The lawyer for the three persons, Victor Kodjogah Adawudu, has already rubbished the arrests saying his clients have denied the allegations against them.

He said on radio that the doctor confirmed that the weapons were found in his hospital premises but claimed they could tell who owns them.

“They have confirmed they (the weapons) were found on the premises but as to who owns it, they don’t know. They don’t have an idea.

“Whilst writing the statement, nothing was indicated that when they were arresting them, they found this in their house or they found this at these premises … so it is puzzling or amazing the government comes out with a statement and says this is what we have found.

“Government prematurely comes to the public to issue a statement when statements had not even been taken (from my clients). It was after yesterday in the evening that the statement had been taken and I was coming that I heard the press release from the government,” he said.

The lawyer claimed that the arrests were deliberately carried out to divert attention from other issues of national interest.

“For me and my clients, I see it more as a matter to divert attention from the happenings in this country where citizens are complaining,” Mr. Adawudu said.