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Opinions of Monday, 18 March 2019

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi

Citi FM and Multimedia bribed huge money? Wow I am shocked!

I can’t seem to shake myself out of the shock that has hit me flat in the cavities of my heart after hearing allegations that Citi FM and Multimedia were paid millions on the blind side of Ghanaians.

Ofosu Ampofo and his criminal colleagues were alleged to have been involved in this scandalous bribery with the sole aim to use them as a conduit for an anti Akufo-Addo campaign.

This probably explains why the two media houses have suddenly become like the tissue paper that NDC is blowing its nose in. If journalists can sell their conscience in this manner, then I am not so sure they were instilled with any integrity from infancy.

The two media houses, Citi FM and Multimedia, do not see it fit to report, for example, that port charges have dropped by 75%; and that the interest rate on 1D1F loans was slashed by 10%; and that the Free SHS is doing well; and that the NHIA has come a long way after Sylvester Mensah collapsed it; and that the GRA tax collection methodology has borne fruit; and that the paperless system is doing wonders; and that Ghanaians have more honour and respect worldwide now than we could have dreamt of under the akonfem NDC, and by default the cheap characters who have made a life out of peddling lies and committing sin.

They only see fit to misinform Ghanaians and peddle falsehood that end up on the streets of their neighbourhoods like the rubbish that has overwhelmed Zoomlion. If a society does not instil in its people the patriotic necessity of maintaining sanity on the airwaves using the flimsy excuse of freedom of speech, then whatever happens to it is well deserved.

Why on earth will they report that the Commissioner of the Ghana Revenue Authority, GRA, Mr Kofi Nti was sacked when there is no substance or iota of truth in this report? You see, this is a small indication of their malice and unprofessional conduct. Well they are gutter media houses full of trash, so why am I surprised? Mtcheew!!!

Citi FM finds priority news in uninteresting reportage about hallucinations that they see or think they see rather than communicating to the people the actual truth on the ground.

Well for the alleged millions that they have received as conscience price, wouldn’t the reader surmise with me that the owners and senior managers of these stations are nothing more than mere prostitutes selling their shame to the highest bidder?

Disseminating false information is not only flagitious, but devious and immoral. They will report on issues that they know will bring dishonour to President Nana Akufo-Addo. But you see, if the President is misrepresented, it is cause for two charges: Insult to the nation, and treason against the State! So the law enforcement agencies should move their lazy bottoms to do their jobs and arrest the infidels.

The NDC deem it an issue of importance to lie about Rev OwusuBempah for marching to the studios of XYZ to get the dastard SalifuMaase (MugaabeMaase), but will never tell the whole world what the latter said against Rev Owusu, which is tantamount to a first degree insult. Mugabe Maase said on air that “Reverend OwusuBempah was an idiot who bleached his skin like a pig!” What did Citi FM and Multi-Media do, nothing. They sat like the messy baby one thumb in its mouth and the other in its behind!