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Opinions of Friday, 13 April 2018

Columnist: Ahmed Abubakar Saddique

Can there be peace without justice?

We have all been in this country for some time now. We have upheld what the constitution says.

Our motto is FREEDOM AND JUSTICE, meaning there will be freedom of association, freedom of movement and freedom of speech. That is the genesis of PEACE in every serious society.

However, there are lots of injustices that has always stayed with us. For me, it is one thing that has never brought PEACE. It is also very painful when we all agree to vote to choose leaders. We all agree to provide them with nothing but the best. Because we know they are going to do the big thinking.

Big thinking in providing us with good roads, schools, hospitals, electricity, transport, water and the rest. The constitution of our dear country has stipulated how resources should be used to better the lives of the people of our country. What do we see?

In many instances, the people we vote for become just super duper RICH overnight and the people they represent get POORER. Their lives changes, their families get to attend the so-called big schools either here or outside the country.

They build mansions while we live in mud houses. We are always with them. It's clear, Is this JUSTICE? So, won't they think about how they can use the resources to also procure us the best equipment that is needed at the various hospitals? Why won't they provide teaching and learning materials? Why won't they provide us with good transport system? Why won't they provide us with constant uninterrupted flow of water and electricity?

So, why preach PEACE is there is no JUSTICE? Teachers, nurses, Doctors and several others don't get paid early but, Parliamentarians are paid just when they get to Parliament. They are giving allowances. But, when the ordinary people font gets to pay, they are quiet. Is this JUSTICE?

The stinking public toilets, the choked gutters, the heaped-up refuse dump in your area, has it been sorted out? How about your school building that has developed cracks? The labs that have no apparatus or the hospital that has no drug(s)?

For me, until we all preach for there to be justice in the system, there can never be peace.

I suggest Pastors, Imams and all those who are concerned to always preach about JUSTICE in our system so that, there can an automatic peace within our jurisdiction. After all, if it gets better, it gets better for us all#mytake

GOD bless you and GOD bless our homeland, GHANA.