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Opinions of Saturday, 15 December 2012

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Can We All Get Along?

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If Ghana is going to remain peaceful, the onus lies with both the leadership of NDC and NPP and they should do whatever is in their power to keep the country in one piece by controlling their supporters.So far NDC supporters have remained calm because they have the Security services on its side to do its bidding.The NPP supporters should remain calm and let the leadership of the Party sort this out, there is no need to attack anybody because that will not change anything but will only bring untold hardships on the citizens. We all have just Ghana to call as a country and I will rather live in a bad governing Ghana than to be a refugee in any country surrounding Ghana. I don't want to be "OBI DEHYIE AKOYE AKOA WO OBI KROM" to wit, a Prince in my own country becoming a slave in somebody's country. "GHANA YEDE" believe me even if you are not part of the government.

Let NDC and President Mahama be patient and allow NPP to go to court with its evidence and allow the process of the election to take its course. Dr Afari Djan could have helped Ghana avoid the situation we are in now if he could have delayed announcing the results by looking into the NPP rigging assertion but he snobbishly dismissed them like a Pupil Teacher dismissing his class one charges, NO RESPECT. He rather told them to go to court if they have any evidence. NPP has taken him on his word and have gone to court or are getting their evidence to go to court, let's everybody be calm and allow the process to take its course.

The leadership of both Parties should stop issuing incendiary statements that can plung the country into war. Sir John and Tony Aidoo should stop baiting each side. Tony Aidoo wish of banning NPP in Ghana and telling the whole world about it is not the way to go and Sir John saying any arrests of NPP leaders and they will make Ghana ungorvenable can trigger a reaction from this inexperienced NDC leadership baying to show where power lies by unleashing the Security Agencies on the innocent masses.

The leadership of NDC if they are sure they won the election without any "libilibi labalaba" should be patient and allow the NPP to go to court and the result will be the same as announced by the Electoral Commissioner but trying to prevent NPP from embarking an option left to them which is the courts seems like they have something to hide. Going to court to challenge election is not a novelty and has happened around the globe including even in USA where Al Gore went to court in 2000 to challenge the Florida state election results in the famous 'HangingChads' voting papers.

The maintenance of peace in Ghana lies with both parties and more especially on NDC since it is the Party in power with the control of the security services and should refrain from using them to intimidate the opposition. NPP should continue to warn its supporters to stop attacking innocent Journalists and others because this episode will come to pass and we don't want a hated Party by the fourth realm of government, THE PRESS.

The government should not overplay its hand by using the Military and Police to brutalize the opposition because if it does and Ghana become a war zone, its leadership too can face the International Court. The leaders of both Parties should do things legally to bring the process of the election to a peaceful end. There is no need for anybody to lose their lives for any Politician.



Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas


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