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General News of Friday, 25 June 2021


CPP is a business established by the NDC, NPP, uninterested in winning power - Ernesto Yeboah

Ernesto Yeboah is leader of the Economic Fighters League play videoErnesto Yeboah is leader of the Economic Fighters League

• Ernesto Yeboah has been talking about why he is disappointed in the CPP

• He said the CPP is not interested in winning power and that it is only serving the interests of other parties

• He also says the CPP is as corrupt as the system in Ghana today

Kwame Nkrumah's Convention People's Party (CPP) is no longer a party with an agenda to win power but only another business set up by the NDC and the NPP to frustrate the work of those with good intentions of the party.

That is the accusation of Ernesto Yeboah, the leader of the Economic Fighters League.

According to him, having voted for both the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party, and having seen both parties serve this nation, he believed the best alternative was the CPP.

Unknown to him, as he continued, the CPP was even more corrupt internally, with no hesitation to win power or even present a fortified leadership with the hope of becoming that alternative he thought they were.

Ernesto Yeboah made this known during his appearance on GhanaWeb TV's flagship current affairs program, The Lowdown, with Nii Akwei Ismail Akwei.

According to him, anybody who joins the party and determines to do the right thing is rather fought internally until the person is booted out.

"I have voted for the NDC before, they came to power. I have voted for the NPP before, they came to power, and in all cases, they messed up. So, it's only logical that we tried another alternative and that alternative at the time was the Convention People's Party, parroting Nkrumah's ideas and so it gave a certain glimmer of hope that this may be the vehicle that may actually bring the change that our society is looking for.

"We entered and we saw that oh, it's actually a business established by the NDC, NPP and the leadership in there are not interested in bringing the party to power or following any direct line to bring the party back to power. Anybody who steps in genuinely to work to bring the party back to power becomes the enemy and that person is fought and fought and fought until the person is flushed out," he said.

He further described a classic case of how he took a bold step against corruption and instead being hailed for it, the party unanimously decided that his actions were rather embarrassing to the party and for which reason he should be suspended.

"This is what happened in 2016. I was a leader of the youth wing of that party. I took the sitting president to CHRAJ to answer questions on corruption after his collection of the Ford Expedition bribe or gift, or whatever they want to. CHRAJ in the end came up with a report that no, the president abused his office, was in conflict of interest. I mean, looking at how they tried to frame it. Of course it was an election year and all of that.

"Imagine, that I was the youth wing leader of, let's say, the NPP, which was equally in opposition at the time and haven done this, would Bawumia, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the leadership of the party congregate and say, 'Let us suspend Ernesto Yeboah for taking Mahama to CHRAJ?' It's not normal, but this is precisely what happened in the Convention People's Party," he explained.

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