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Crime & Punishment of Tuesday, 22 February 2022


Builders and funeral organisers arrested for blocking road

The suspects are expected to be put before the law The suspects are expected to be put before the law

The Ministry of Roads and Highways Working Committee recently inaugurated for the protection of public roads, has caused the arrest of some builders and funeral organisers in Accra.

According to the Chairman of the Committee, Dr Kaziyir Adam Bonaa, the suspects were arrested for engaging in various acts that amounted to the destruction of public roads and impeding the free flow of traffic.

In the case involving the builders, Dr Bonaa in a Facebook post noted that the group, engaged in construction work at Kanda, had mounted a concrete mixer in the middle of the road.

They had also dumped heaps of sand, stone chippings and other construction materials in the middle of the road.

In another instance, a family had blocked an entire street at Mamprobi for a funeral ceremony.

Describing both incidents as acts of illegality, Dr Bonaa said his committee upon receiving information on the happenings swiftly caused the police to move in to manage the situation.

“Informant/citizen vigilantes (name withheld for security reasons) shared photos and videos of the illegalities and shared same with the committee responsible for the protection of public roads, pavements and pedestrian walkways etc. and swiftly, Chief Supo Dr Sasu-Mensah Police MTTD director of operations and a member of my committee responded with his team with the urgency required in dealing with such reckless act of illegality on our roads to clear the street and arrest the culprits involved for investigation and prosecution,” the committee chairman known in private life as a security and safety analyst said.

Citing the Road traffic regulations, Dr Adam Bonaa stated it is “illegal to block public roads, pavements and walkways for purposes of funerals, weddings, child naming ceremonies etc. It’s similarly illegal to dump pre-mixed concrete on public roads. Turning public roads and sidewalks into car washing bases constitutes illegality as well.

“Vehicle Mechanics/fitters, etc fixing broken down vehicles on public roads is against the law, leaving a broken-down vehicle on a public road unattended to is a breach of Road traffic regulations 2012 (LI 102). Dumping of refuse, dirty oils etc on our roads by refuse collectors and leaking fuel tankers is illegal,” he added.

He has thus called on the citizenry to join in policing against such illegal activities.

He reiterated the public to report to the police or call the Ghana Police emergency helpline whenever they spot any activity detrimental to the integrity of public roads.