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General News of Wednesday, 19 January 2022


Bawumia’s ‘hihih’ ‘belly laugh’ during public speeches annoys me too much – Tony Aidoo

Dr. Tony Aidoo Dr. Tony Aidoo

Opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) functionary Dr. Tony Aidoo has said Vice President Dr Mahamadu Bawumia’s “guffaw” annoys him.

Dr. Aidoo who days ago received John Mahama in his home described the Vice President as a flip-flopper and a liar who speaks with a “guffaw”.

“For Bawumia in particular, his hurdle is the crisis of credibility. Who wants to vote for a person who has proven himself to be a lair, a flip-flopper, a man who is not disciplined, a man who calls his political opponent all kind of derogatory name.” He said.

Dr. Aidoo who has been missing in the discourse for so many years after NDC’s 2016 defeat blamed Bawumia for Mahama’s “incompetent” tag.

“The word incompetent which stack with President John Mahama was coined by Bawumia and over the period he had make sure that in every platform he makes innuendos’ towards the competence or the incompetence of former President Mahama and he does it with the most annoying guffaws and do you know what the word guffaws means, belly laugh is amazing,” Tony Aidoo noted.

“I recall not too long ago when the issue of Ghana’s national indebtedness came to the forefront of discussions Dr Bawumia said , even though we have borrowed, in nominal terms more than the NDC we have to manage the debt portfolio better because we borrowed at a lesser rate, percentages, what has percentages got to do with your debt sustainability calculations.

"When your debt sustainability is calculated it is not the parentage at which you borrowed, that is important it is the quantum sum of debt incumbent upon you . When you go and service your loan the rate at which you have to service is not calculated at the percentages at which you have borrowed but on the quantum sum.That is why I say he is your ideal flip-flopper, he lacks credibility,” Tony Aidoo added.

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