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Regional News of Monday, 28 June 2021


Baatsonaa Chiefs demand major shakeup at Police Anti-land Guard Unit over incompetence

Chief show disappointment at incompetence of Anti-Land Guard unit in Baatsonaa Chief show disappointment at incompetence of Anti-Land Guard unit in Baatsonaa

Chiefs and People of Baatsonaa in the Ledzokuku- Krowor Municipality of the Greater Accra region are calling for some rapid reforms within the hierarchy of the service’s Anti-Land Guard unit over what they describe as “gross exhibition of incompetence in their handling of land litigation cases in the area”.

Their disappointment comes at the back of recent attempts by some highly connected individuals to forcefully take over lands and properties belonging to some natives of the area.

According to them, the activities of these influential personalities have also prompted the insurgence of land guards in the area with attacks and assault on property and land owners being  the order of the day.

According to the Development Chief of Baatsonaa, Nii Onsro Dja I, who cited a similar case in which one of his subjects, one Madam Faustina Borkor Boye, had her 3-bedroom apartment demolished with her half plot of land being seized by an individual allegedly connected in government.

Nii Onsro Dja said, despite the Baatsonaa Divisional Council intervening to ensure the law was applied in the matter, personnel of the Anti-Land Guard Unit of the police service have taken sides in the matter while acting in total disregard to a pending court case on the said matter.

He bemoaned the undue interference and unprofessional conduct of the Anti-Land guard unit in handling land litigation matters in the area describing it as “worrying and a threat to peace in his jurisdiction.

The victim, madam Faustina Borkor Boye who has been bedridden for years now, after she lost her 3 -bedroom apartment and a half plot of land to the said  businessman, when contacted wept over the ordeal she has been through.

Madam Faustina Borkor Boye who is currently living in a kitchen of a good Samaritan with her 4 children, said she only sold a portion of her one plot of land to the said businessman, only for the later to turn around and claimed all portion, which also resulted in her losing her 3 bedroom house seated on the land.

She questioned why the unit with all their experience in matters of such nature, will allow themselves to be influenced by money and take side in the issue.

Meanwhile a petition signed by the Baatsonaa Divisional Council headed by Nii Ansuade Borketey I, chief of the area, has been made to the Inspector of Police to as a matter of urgency, effect some sweeping changes at the Anti-Land guard unit headed by DSP Karim Atuluk, to help protect him the image of the Police service.