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Opinions of Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Columnist: Fosu, John

Asantehene and Kumawuhemaa team up to Destroy Kumawu

I will plead for patience from the entirety of Kumawuman citizens the world over to spare a time reading this insightful portentous story. You may like or hate John Fosu for a reason, but he entreats you to read the article, regardless of which side of the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy divide you unflinchingly fling your weight.

Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, in connivance with Kumawuhemaa, his adorable super girlfriend without comparison, through dithering and intransigence, have almost succeeded in ruining Kumawu forever and ever. Amen. They have through systematic conscious efforts bordering on malevolence, selfishness, greediness and sheer short-sightedness, wooed some powerful people to their side who are unconsciously pulling the trigger that will bring Kumawu to her stroke-stricken feeble knees forever and ever. Hallelujah!

Kumawuhemaa like her predecessor Ankaase royals who have chanced to rule Kumawuman has never had anything good to offer her subjects but insults, misery and doom. Her insistence on enthroning a candidate of her choice as the paramount chief of Kumawuman from her Ankaase family though, a completely opportunistic ineligible royal as she is, has not augured well for Kumawu.

A wise man said, "There is nothing to be gained from inaction, from grinning and bearing". Subsequently, I will not keep mute when Kumawuhemaa with her nation-wreckers is pushing Kumawuman into total, but preventable destruction. The NDC government upon a revealing discussion I had on Saturday, 24th September 2011, with a person from Drobonso is determined to carve the Afram plains out of Kumawu constituency. Afram Plains will become a constituency on its own with Donkokrom as the Constituency capital instead of Drobonso. Whichever town becomes the capital is as insignificant as it is irrelevant to my discourse hereby stated.

Kumawuman without Afram Plains is like Africa without Madagascar. On the other hand, it is like how meaningless the independence of Ghana would have been without the total liberation of Africa. Most Kumawuman resources in terms of natural endowments, water bodies, forest, fertile lands etc. are in the Afram Plains. Kumawuman generates its wealth from not only the farming and timber activities taking place in the Afram Plains but also, from the attendant payment of royalties. The people of Drobonso, Beemu etc in the Afram Plains who feel short-changed on essential developments are fervently supplicating God, President Atta Mills and the NDC government to create them their own constituency. The same person that divulged the news about the impending creation of Afram Plains constituency said they would later agitate for District status. Once that happens, the remaining Kumawuman without Afram Plains will be impoverished far worse than "asore dan mu akura" (church mouse). Creating a Constituency for them is possible but a District for them may be feasible but very unlikely. They may have the qualifying land surface but not the population to meet the requisite criteria for the creation of a District. In Ghana where myopic greedy politicians abound, everything is easily possible. If it were not so, Asantehene would not have allowed his heart to dictate to him instead of his head when it comes to resolving the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute where Kumawuhemaa is his darling girlfriend and hence, being absurdly favoured to the detriment of all and sundry.

Kumawuhemaa and the Krontihene never use the royalty payments to the benefit of Kumawuman. No, they will never as long as they remain greedy human "panpansrada" (Egg-swallowing snake) voraciously grabbing and swallowing money as does "panpansrada" with eggs. Then whether with Afram Plains or not, Kumawu will continue to remain an infrastructural cemetery. It will continue to lurk in infrastructural wilderness same as dead persons lie in the silence of the cemetery pending the resurrection day. To boost the population to a constituency level, arrangement is underway to import three-hundred Northerners to settle in the area. They will surely claim the lands to be theirs within twenty years of their settlement. Additionally, they will rain same havoc on the indigenous people similarly, to how the Fulani are terrorising the citizen-farmers of Agogo in the Ashanti region.

Are Kumawuman people that extensively timid, nonchalant and myopic for Asantehene and his "lovey lovey" girlfriend with squinted Chinese eyes to continue to play on their intelligence? I would not have believed it if someone else told me but as seeing is believing, I have seen it with my own "Kurokoru" (naked) eye and so believe how timid and uncaring Kumawuman people are. Kumawuman citizens, please show me your rigid balls dangling in-between your legs if you have any. Or, have you all metamorphosed into women overnight with the advent of queen "Lady Tyson" the pugilist, for the fear of being accosted or attacked?

As unfeeling as you are, I will soon desert you God willing but not until I have written my three explosive and fact-laden articles dealing the greedy Ankaase usurpers left hook knockout jab.

John Fosu