General News of Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Source: Daily Democrat

Foreigners Invade Anglogold Concession

Operations of illegal mining popularly referred to as Galamsey has reached a new crescendo in the country with operators now deliberately destroying the land and water bodies they work on before moving to fresh areas.
The operators, with many foreign nationals involved, are not only destroying the environment with their activities, but are also denying the country of the revenues that accrue to the state from the legal activities of mining companies that pay taxes to the government.
Like rodents, the Galamsey operators jump from one water body or forest land to another leaving behind traces of total destruction of everything natural of the landscape.
The latest of the daring exploits of these galamsey operators is the invasion of the concession of Anglogold Ashanti in Obuasi in the Ashanti Region.
The invasion, done with impunity and without a shred of fear has left the company powerless as it watches helplessly while the illegal miners destroy one forest land after another.
The invasion by these foreign national threatens the security of the nation because they arm themselves with sophisticated weapons and other gadgets only used by security agencies.
For economic exploit, galamsey operations have become social and environmental canker, negatively impacting on the social, economic and health of the people.
The assault on the environment by unregulated mining activities of foreign nationals is not only depriving the nation of potential economic benefits but also increases the cost of providing good water and healthcare due to increase in water borne diseases.
In other parts of the country, galamsey operations are done with the full support of some traditional authorities at the detriment to the people.
These communities sometimes take the law into their own hands and attack the galamsey operators in other to enjoy the fruits of nature.
The action of these foreign nationals at Obuasi must be stopped to protect and preserve Ghana’s scare natural resources.