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Opinions of Thursday, 3 November 2011

Columnist: Mubarak, Ras

Akufo-Addo, Wrong on the Issues, wrong for Ghana

Again, we have seen yet another demonstration of the opposition
leader’s unfitness to lead. He is showing us how dangerously clueless he is to
the real issues affecting Ghanaian families. At a time when ten Ghanaians have
been reported dead from the recent floods, Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo is talking
about winning the next election “at all cost.”

He has not bothered to go visit the victims, let alone hug the
babies, shake hands, make donations and give the nation an indication of what
he would do about flood risk management. Ten Ghanaians are dead, several
hundred are displaced and property worth millions destroyed, and all Akufo-Addo
can do is to give a stale lecture about visions? Clearly the opposition leader
is out of touch and far removed from the rest of the country.

Contrary to his propped up image, Nana Addo is all froth and
certainly has little understanding of what Ghanaians are looking for. It is
when one is able to do the small things that people entrust one with the big

In Awoshi, one of the suburbs worse hit by the flood, more
than two hundred families were affected. People still are in need of relief
items; our compatriots have lost everything and all “Mr. All die be die” can do
is to tell us the next election should be won by his party at all cost.
Quite clearly, the people of Ghana saw the difference in
leadership. Whilst President Mills suspended his schedule, toured affected
areas and got his hands dirty, the NPP candidate strutted around hotels abroad
and issued a meekly and effeminate statement that was bereft of vision or

He was one of the consigliore of the Kufour regime. We still
remember the last time they were in government. It was hard to save and harder
to retire. They have changed the tune, but they haven’t changed their minds.
Nana Akuffo Addo is a loyal supporter of the Kufour
government – the most disastrous government that left a disastrous legacy. He
subscribes to the same failed Kufour policies.
All he is doing now is an opportunity to continue with the same out of touch
economic policies that hurt Ghanaian families.

What the opposition leader is doing is an exercise in
opportunism. Under his leadership as foreign minister, the country couldn’t
even take a position on the big issues. We saw cowardice and irresolute
leadership. They dithered, and when it came to the big foreign policy decisions,
his government, which was characterized by serial incompetence, took a safe

The main opposition leader speaks about how no child would
be subjected to social exclusion. Again, that is another feeble attempt at masking
the real story. In him, is a candidate who exudes a sense of entitlement. We
know how the NPP government was driven by patronage, and how it spent public
money to buy loyalty.

He was Ghana to progress, yet speak of winning an election
at all cost. This country requires peace in order to prosper and progress.
Under the NPP leader, you can be assured he would break down the peace we have
enjoyed. Akufo-Addo would subject his opponents to aggression and humiliation
as he did with President Rawlings when he revoked the ex-president’s courtesies
because Rawlings, according to them, spoke out of turn.

The opposition leader may have been much help to his party,
but once he is in the Castle, he is going to get even with everyone. This is
the reason why his own friends like Kofi Koomson, warned the nation in 2008 that
he couldn’t sleep if Nana Addo was President.

Yes the opposition leader is promising something different,
something that would see our country drifting towards the Right, where they
plan to loosen government control over the energy sector, raise taxes and give
industry the right to misbehave.

When it comes to the real issues, he should tell Ghanaians
if he is for more investment in public service, if yes, how is he going to pay
for it?

Indeed, we in our country must set very high targets, and be
willing to make the efforts to reach them. Farmers will have to set higher goals for
their production; business community will have to put their know-how to work to
increase productivity. Fact is, Akufo-Addo is the wrong man on the big issues
and the wrong man for Ghana. The Mills government has its shortcomings, but it
is committed to the progress of our country. The job of building a better Ghana
rests with all of us.

The outcome of the government’s efforts will depend, as it
has always depended, on the spirit and energy of all Ghanaians.
Akufo-Addo may dream his dream and scheme his scheme, but we
have work to do. Let’s focus on building a better Ghana and endeavor to stop “Mr.
All die be die” from becoming anything that resembles President of Ghana.

Ras Mubarak,
NDC Activist & Parliamentary Aspirant,

Ras Mubarak

+233 24 4478 267
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