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General News of Tuesday, 28 September 2021


Africans suffering because we rejected Nkrumah’s United States of Africa plan – Ndebugre

Private legal Practitioner John Ndebugri Private legal Practitioner John Ndebugri

Private legal Practitioner John Ndebugri believes concrete decisions taken by Ghana’s first President, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, ought to be commended by the current generation as this paved the way for real freedom.

He disclosed that Ghana and the African continent are currently suffering because the crop of leaders after Nkrumah failed to vigorously pursue his dream of a United States of Africa.

“The white was not helping us at all, Nkrumah really freed us from them, and that was a great job. If all Africans agreed with Nkrumah’s decision that we should have the United States of Africa, we wouldn’t have been helpless like this.

Go to American and come back, you will understand we are animals here, they have come to take all our resources to go and build their country, and we are still here fighting one another”, he bemoaned.

According to the former lawmaker on a local radio station monitored by, Ghanaians are busy fighting each other instead of working in unity to bring about development for the citizenry yet have the guts to blame Nkrumah for their woes.

“Instead of coming together to realize Nkrumah’s dream of having one African state, we are here pulling each other, morning, evening and every minute. You cannot say Nkrumah didn’t try for getting us independence as quickly as possible; the white never liked the black.

People are saying if the white comes back, it will be better, that depends on our attitude in power because our time we were thinking about the future of the country but now anyone who wants to be DCE, MP, Minister or any position in government, he/she is thinking about himself first, not the people and the country. That is why some unscrupulous persons think if they come back, it will be better. That one has gone and can’t happen again”, he added.

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