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Adomaa Adjeman on overcoming pressures to portray Ghana’s beloved Dede

Ghanaian singer and actress Adomaa Adjeman Ghanaian singer and actress Adomaa Adjeman

In only a short period, Ghanaian singer and actress Adomaa Adjeman has become one of the most prominent faces on Ghanaian TV, enchanting viewers with her role in Dede, Akwaaba Magic’s popular telenovela that is also streaming on Showmax.

Adomaa plays the titular role of Dede, a naïve rural girl whose big dreams are cut short when she’s sold off by her stepmother (played by Joselyn Dumas) to work as a maid in the home of the wealthy and complicated Robertson family. Here, she falls for Michael (Dean Amegashie), the youngest Robertson son, and so begins a tumultuous, star-crossed romance that is determined to survive against all odds.

Directed and produced by award-winning filmmaker Shirley Frimpong-Manso, Dede has become one of the most-watched Ghanaian shows on Showmax and has recently also hit its 100th episode on Friday 23 July 2021.

In this exclusive chat, Adomaa talks about her role as Dede and the pressures of playing the star of a major show, how she feels about #TeamMichael vs #TeamPatrick, being star-struck by the Dede cast, balancing her music and her acting, and more, and so much more.

Dede has become so popular among Ghanaian viewers in such a short time. Did you anticipate that it would be such a hit when you were first joining the project?

I actually wasn’t sure what to expect with this project but I knew for sure that those who watched it would love it. I guess I’m glad a lot of people watch it.

What was going through your mind when you first learned about this role and got to read more about Dede?

The first emotion was extreme excitement at being given not just the role but the lead role. That, of course, spilled over to learning about the character. It was really nice to know that there was a lot I had in common with the character: how soft-spoken she is, the way she carries herself, etc. I was also looking forward to the challenge of channeling the parts we don’t have in common. Overall, it was an exciting feeling.

You’re currently playing both roles of Dede and she alter ego Christine. Which one would you say you’re enjoying the most?

I definitely enjoy playing Christine. Talking in a new accent is so much fun and it’s refreshing to channel the more assertive part of myself into a character. I missed that with Dede. I’ve always wanted to juggle two characters on a show so I was very excited to meet Christine. It’s challenging but I love it.

Do you ever feel any kind of pressure for being the star of the show?

Yes. All the time. Especially when we first started filming. I haven’t had a lot of experience with acting so there was pressure to live up to the standards of the rest of the cast, especially when you’re the one carrying the show. There’s also the pressure of constantly being on set and not letting the strain of that affect your performance. It’s a lot sometimes but the best part is that I absolutely love this job so I can’t even dwell on the stress, even if I want to.

What takes a toll on you about Dede’s constant battle to prove herself to the Robertson family?

I wouldn’t say it takes a toll on me per se but I do feel the frustrations internally when I need to get into character. Most of the time I’m happy it’s not real life because that would be a very heavy life to live. It’s easy to switch back to the little, less complicated life of Adomaa though and I’m very happy to.

Being the star, you’re required on set almost all the time. Does that mean you’ve had to put your singing career on hold?

I’ve not really had my singing career on hold per se. I have actually been juggling both. The good part is that I’m at the creation stage of my music now so it’s been relatively easy. I’ve been in the studio recording and performing as and when I can. I control my music so it’s a lot easier to schedule. I also have very accommodating employers on the Dede set so we’re always able to work around schedules.

Going back to Dede’s popularity, do you have instances where fans recognize you on the streets as Dede?

Yes. I’ve had quite a number of those. I was sitting in a car that just stopped at a traffic light when another car suddenly pulled up beside me. The driver rolled down their window and screamed “Dede, what’s going to happen next on the show? Tell me, please!” I was gobsmacked. I’ve never met this person before and a lot of people were staring. I couldn’t help it: I burst out laughing but it was a good feeling.

How do you feel that fans are shipping you with Michael and Patrick all at the same time? And which ship are you rooting for between #MiDe and #PaDe?

It feels really good to see people so invested. They get really passionate about it too. It’s a really nice feeling. If I wasn’t Dede, I’d still be team #MiDe.

How is it like working with both Dean Amegashie and Godwin Namboh, who play Michael and Patrick respectively?

Dean and I really connected well at the auditions. I knew that if I were selected for the role, he would be my Michael. There was very easy chemistry and it’s been the same throughout. My scenes with him are the easiest. Everything just flows. Godwin and I go way back. I’ve known him for a while. We’ve never worked together but because there’s already a friendship, there's always amazing vibes on set.

Other than Dean and Godwin, Dede also has an impressive cast comprising some of the best actors from Ghana. How does it feel acting alongside Joselyn Dumas and Adjetey Anang as your parents?

When I found out about the star-studded cast, I panicked a little. These are heavyweights. My first scene ever was with Adjetey and I remember freaking out a little bit but he’s such a cool, down-to-earth person. I felt at ease the minute we started filming. I’ve met Joselyn in my music spaces before, so it felt a lot more familiar. She’s so much fun to work with. Everyone is, to be honest.

What about working with Shirley? How does it feel to be directed by a filmmaker of her caliber, one who’s not only won awards but produced some of the biggest hits in Ghana?

Working with Shirley is a dream come true for me. I’ve been a huge fan for a long time. I’m still so in awe of her sometimes. She’s amazing at what she does and to be part of her team is so, so surreal. I love that woman.

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