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Opinions of Monday, 24 April 2017

Columnist: Prof Lungu

ACEP's Dr. Adam insults Ghana as they triple-dip and gorge on free UK money (1)

From the point of view of taxpayers, that video is an example of a pointless vetting exercise by a largely ill-prepared group of MPs most of whom considered themselves "small boys" in the matter.

In the case of the Ghana oil contracts and policy, that joke of a job interview was not even fit for the position of Senior Dog-Catcher in an abandoned railway yard long overtaken by weeds and rats, let alone for the important position of Deputy Minister of Energy for Kwame Nkrumah's Ghana. But, then, maybe it fit.

After all, that position is one of 3 deputy minister of energy positions created under Akufo Addo's government-so-large.

The simple fact is, in that interview Dr. Amin Adam did not offer a single comparative data point to support his case that there was a "convergence" in fair oil revenues for Ghana, and as such, the refusal by the NDC government, and now, the Akufo Addo government, to adopt a Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) for Ghana, is really "not bad".

And yet, here we were, reading comments from individuals who will tell us they went to school, persons who thought Dr. Amin Adam made a good case for the so-called Ghana Hybrid System that the Fair Trade Oil Share Ghana (FTOS-Gh/PSA) has proven has cost Ghana more than $6 billion in lost oil revenue over the last 5 years, and counting.

The burden is on the Dr. Adams and the government to show that 86% of revenues going to the foreign oil companies is "not bad" for Ghana.

Oddly, in that side-bar discussion with several members of that online group last week, it was as if there were actually 20 versions of that same 29 March, 2017, video interview for the "deposition" of Dr. Amin Adam, for a position of Deputy Energy Minister in President Akufo Addo's government.

How is that possible?


We even noticed a new twist to the name. It is now Dr Mohammed Amin Anta in the video, forget "Adam".

But, in several depositions by ACEP to the US Congress, it surely was always Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam, proudly, same "senior brother" from ACEP.

Frankly, we did not know that ACEP's Dr. Mohammad Amin Adam was actually with the NPP as recently as during Kufour's government. Or that, in 2014, while still the leader of ACEP and receiving funds from the UK government, while NPP's own Kobina "Hybrid" Hammond was abetting the NDC in their support for the Ghana Hybrid System so-called, Dr. Adam was reported to have accepted $5,000 from Akufo Addo to support Akufo Addo's presidential ambitions.

If we had known all those facts, we certainly would have added that as another one of the ethical violations by ACEP in the discussions on adoption of the PSA for Ghana more than 2 years ago.

But, we've seen many fast-talkers who bamboozle people with the flow of meaningless words without data at bottom. Dr. Amin sure knows what to say. ACEP's Dr. Amin Adam surely fits that role given his turnarounds, then, and now.


The John Mahama-Kwabena Donkor NDC party and ACEP are in actuality part of the same crew that have resisted more oil money for Ghana because according to "expert" civil society organization (CSO) agents like Dr. Adam, Ghana does not have enough qualified professionals to negotiate with the Foreign Oil Companies (FOC), and as such, the measly 14% of oil revenues Ghana is getting for its own oil resource is "not bad".

So, is "Not bad" good enough for Ghana in the eyes of the nameless vetting committee and Ghana, for the nameless officials who did not even find time and cause to ensure there were placards sitting in front of themselves with their names so people would know who they interrogating Dr. Adam?

We do not know about the others. But, it surely does not take much reflection to understand that the audition of Dr. Amin Adam for a position as Deputy Minister of Energy poorly served Ghana. To the point, in the matter of Ghana's oil revenues, none of the nameless MPs did any homework. In fact, many of them recognized themselves as "small boys" incapable of asking the "big man" serious questions about Fair-Trade Oil Share for the sake of Ghana.

In sum, they failed to realize that it was not a private business meeting.

They failed to realize that it was not a gathering to discuss family affairs.

They failed to realize that it was the business of Ghana.

"Not bad"!

All Ghanaians and Ghana supporters ought to know this: That crooked Ghana Hybrid System was created and blessed by the NPP when they were in government, when Amin was with them - running for power from Tamale. ACEP was formed in 2010, after the loss of power by the NPP, while Amin Adam was still privy to the going-ons in the power circles - both political and administrative, and who knows what else.

Ghanaians and all Ghana supporters should also know that when you (e.g. ACEP, Petroleum Commission, etc.) are making and taking thousands of pounds sterling from an oil company through their governments, you will have precious little fortitude, little hunger, little yearning, etc., to holler to those same interests that your country and your poor countrymen are being raped because those interests are paying little for the resources they are taking from your lands.


That is all Ghana is getting!

So now, Mr. Kwabena Donkor was the other day telling Dr. Amin Adam that he Adam, was biased.

Does this bias and cheating not go both ways?

In the video we've referenced above, Amin Adam of "Biased ACEP", does not say why 14% of oil revenue is "Not Bad", or, how it compares to a single other country in Africa, let alone Asia, or South America. So, how, tell us, why are these same "biased" people the arbiters of whether Ghana received, and is now receiving, fair share of its own revenues under Kuffour's NPP, under Mahama's NDC, and now under Akufo Addo's NPP?

How have they being neutral in this matter all these years, and now?

Finally, what reason does one have to give all the benefit to the government and their enablers who have all the resources to show proof, when individuals with little personal resources are using the little resources at their disposal to merely ensure the plunder of Ghana's oil resources is nipped in the bud, that Ghana will begin to receive fair compensation for it oil resources?

Go figure!

Watch the video and decide for yourself!

So it goes, Ghana!

To be continued.......

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