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General News of Tuesday, 28 August 2018


40th Anniversary of death of Dr K. A. Busia: Excerpts from a letter to his wife

Excerpts from a letter to his wife; Mrs Naa Morkor Busia; posted from Hotel Continental Luxembourg, June 7 1964:

"What a life?

But I asked for it

What sometimes bothers me is what I cause you to bear in consequence,

I pray that victory and some good may come with all of this to compensate for all your sacrifices and burdens.

I pray you may be given strength of mind and body and spirit from above.

It is my faith justified repeatedly by events that when God sets us tasks he gives us all we need to fulfill them.

So there is a lot for which we can be glad and thankful."

Letter from Naa Morkor to Kofi Busia, 15/6/49, from Colonial Hospital Tarkwa, where she was working as a midwife.

“Do you know that day you saw me at the meeting. I had been weeping bitterly. I am sure he heard me.

I woke up very early at 2am, I usually do that when I am troubled. I started to pray. I knelt down for about 4 hours and when I thought I had done enough, I suddenly started weeping unintentionally though. That very morning I was told that Dr. Busia was coming to speak to us. I came to the lecture and lo, there was a ‘gift’ from God”.

Kofi Busia, from the documentary, “The Prof. — A man remembered”

“I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to be my father. My memories of my father are great happiness and joy. He was kind to me, he did his best to help me develop as a human being”

From “testimonies…, for father” By Abena P.A. Busia, daughter

Shared stories from our lips like drops of communion wine

Time finds us still your children and we make fellowship

With fractured pieces of life passed like fragments of the water

So many pieces of one vision repeated in remembrance.

Yaw Busia, from the documentary, “The Prof. — A man remembered”

“Everything he wrote was from home, but put in a way that those people overseas would respect us and respect our wisdom.

He is talking about family and how people treat each other not just great people, and not just great things. But ordinary things; brother and brother, sister and sister, husband and wife, chief and people…If somebody can inspire us that is a beautiful thing in life.

So what I would say is that, anybody here can be the inspiration for the next generation”

From the documentary, “The Prof. — A man remembered”

“I am ever grateful to have been fathered by you,

I know that following your footsteps will lead me to where you are in Spirit and in Truth.

As David, Solomon, Paul, I am inspired by your gifts; encouraged by your flaws. Great persons are those who give their all not because of their perfect selves, but despite their imperfections, passionately living for the betterment of humanity.

Thank you Papa, your life, your vision, your legacy, lives on.

Your own