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Politics of Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Source: Nana Bonsu, Contributor

2024 is year of exodus for NPP - Aspiring Youth Organizer of NDC

Aspiring Youth Organizer for Tema East NDC, David Agyemang Aspiring Youth Organizer for Tema East NDC, David Agyemang

Aspiring Youth Organizer for the Tema East branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is predicting what he calls a massive democratic revolution against the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government in 2024.

According to David Agyemang, in the next election, ordinary Ghanaians will chase out the NPP in anger without any prompting from the NDC.

“All it takes is a little political experience to sense the anger of the people – 2024 will be like an exodus for the NPP,” Mr. Agyemang wrote in a post.

The post had expressed indignation at the explanations that State actors have been given around President Akufo-Addo’s recent charter of a private jet for a 23-hour junket around some four countries.

After allegedly blowing close to US$3million on the expensive G-Kelt jet to travel from France to South Africa, Ghanaians are being told by government Spokespersons that President Akufo-Addo had to rent the private jet because he needed to be able to take showers.

According to the explanations, the official Presidential jet is too small and does not have shower accessories in it and so the government thought it more useful to ground it and rent the private jet for the President.

Defense Minister, Dominic Nitiwul has also explained that the Presidential jet which all of President Akufo-Addo’s predecessors had used before him is too small for the President’s retinues which are large.

“What these people are doing is that they are signing their own eviction notice for 2024. At a time like this when the generality of the Ghanaian people are going through so many hardships, how can you even come up with such an excuse?” Mr. Agyemang wrote.

According to him, Ghanaians have generally kept silent over the issue because “this luxury private jet scandal is just the straw that has broken the camel’s back. The people have learnt that they can simply not trust this government which has mostly failed to deliver on its myriad of promises,” he wrote.

Mr. Agyemang, however, warned his party the NDC that the self-destructive scandals that have made the NPP unpopular is no automatic license for complacency.

“We have 2020 to guide us. Even though we know we won the elections, we all saw what happened. NDC has its work cut out for it – ensure that this time round nobody is allowed to steal the vote,” David Agyemang wrote.

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