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Politics of Monday, 3 October 2022


2 Northern ‘MPs’ who have openly called out Haruna Iddrisu since 2015

Ras Mubarak and Mohammed Murtala sandwich Haruna Iddrisu Ras Mubarak and Mohammed Murtala sandwich Haruna Iddrisu

It is an open secret that two lawmakers have openly attacked current Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu who is considered a strong force for the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) in the Northern Region.

Though the Former Minister for Trade and Industry has not personally responded to these attacks, his supporters have risen and many times the matter dies down naturally in the interest of party unity and cohesion. samples two such public outbursts which appear to be similar in nature with the same subject matter.

Ibrahim Murtala Muhammed’s outburst in 2015

A former Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry Ibrahim Murtala Muhammed in 2015 went berserk on the radio claiming some persons he failed to name were orchestrating his downfall.  

Speaking on Tamale-based Diamond FM, he lashed out at some Chiefs of Tamale for allowing their conscience to be bought by what he termed the “ill-gotten, filthy” cash of the said MP.

He described the chiefs as hypocrites and dared to disregard their calls if he starts speaking out against the conduct of the MP who is championing efforts to make him unpopular in the Nanton constituency he has committed a lot of resources.

“Do they know how much I spend in my constituency? What business do they have in other people’s constituency?” He remarked

According to him, the opinion leaders who should have spoken against the conduct of the MP in question were silent because their conscience had been traded off for cash from doubtful sources warning that they dare not stop him if he starts opening the can of worms.

“Who the fuck does he think he is?” He asked.

Eventually, he lost his seat to the NPP and later switched to a constituency and returned to parliament in 2021.

Ras Mubarak’s Calls out Minority Leader

The Former Member of Parliament (MP) for Kumbungu Ras Mubarak has accused MP for Tamale South and Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu of interfering in the internal politics of Kumbungu, indicating that he will not take such interference in his Constituency ( Kumbungu) lying down.

In a strongly-worded statement on the matter on social media, Ras Mubarak stressed that Haruna Iddrisu would have to stay in his Constituency ( Tamale South ) and mind his business, insisting that the NDC belongs to all.

“Those who think they can sit in their constituencies and interfere in internal elections in other people’s areas should think again. Party elders have watched aloof for Haruna Iddrisu to create problems in the region. You go about asking who Ras Mubarak’s candidate for constituency elections is. It’s not smartness, it’s cowardice. Others may take it lying down. I won’t.

The party belongs to all of us. You would stay in your constituency and mind your business there. You want to control NDC by determining who gets what and where? Not in Kumbungu. Back off Kumbungu and mind your business Mr. Minority Leader,” he wrote.

Ras Mubarak who was the MP for the area lost at the parliamentary primaries and therefore was kicked out of parliament with a new face.

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