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General News of Friday, 24 September 2021


12 safety tips for adults and kids to avoid being kidnapped

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An anonymous chain message is going around on social media advising members of the General public on how to avoid falling victims to kidnap and how to stay alert.

This comes after reports of kidnappings keep making the news in Ghana.

The 12 point is applicable to all persons, whether male or female, adult or child.

See the 12 Safety Tips

1. Don’t accept lifts from strangers or unknown persons

2. Always share your bolt or uber ride with relatives and trusted friends, ensure bolt or ubers cars which arrive to pick you has the same numbers as those which appeared on your app

3. Don’t leave your children in the care of strangers or persons you barely know

4. Don’t share your location including residence, workplace address with people you barely know

5. If you have grown-up children, caution them not to interact with strangers, know their friends they visit homes and parents, urge them to limit visiting friends

6. Don’t entertain unknown numbers who might call you trying to pick personal information

7. Once you smell foul or is not comfortable with a situation around you being it home, town or workplace raise an alarm, always listen to the first signal your inner being is sending

8. Don’t accept food, drinks, water, snacks, handkerchief, nose masks etc from people who offer them as kindness (a lot of folks are drugged to render them powerless before they are whisked away)

9. Becareful whom you’re sending to buy you food outside your home, buy from ONLY a trusted point

10. If you’re meeting someone for the first time (whether it is a date, or business-related) opt for public spaces, malls, cafes etc instead of their homes

11. Don’t visit strangers and or hookups for the first time in their homes, meet them in open spaces such as mall’s, cafes, be 101% sure about them before going to their houses

12. Lastly be super conscious of your physical and digital security

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