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Opinions of Friday, 17 June 2016

Columnist: Edem Attivor

10 reasons Ghana is a must-see destination.

Ghana is regarded as one of African countries with enchanting tourist sites Ghana is regarded as one of African countries with enchanting tourist sites

"The world is a book; those who do not travel read only one page". - Saint Augustine.

After several years of exploring Ghana from one region to another, I wish to put the long story short: that Ghana is such an amazing country which only few have discovered. Read the following ten reasons Ghana is a must-see destination.

Rich history: There are over 26 surviving Castles and Forts dotted along the coast of Ghana as evidence of the dark period of the centuries-long slave trade and European oppression.

Examples are the Cape Coast castle which saw the likes of US President Barack Hussein Obama visiting, the Osu Castle which served for several years as the seat of government, the Elmina Castle (built in 1482) which is the oldest existing European building in Sub-Saharan Africa and many more.

There are also historical relics of slavery on display at the Ghana National Museum. Take a journey along the routes of the slave trade and see for yourself the several slave markets and camps dotted across the country where fellow human beings became commodities on the open market. Look for the Salaga Slave Market in the North, Pikoro Slave Camp in Upper East and Atorkor Slave Market in the Volta Region.

Unique culture: Enjoy the unique foods, Lively music and amazing cultural dance of the Ghanaian people. Ghana is made up of over seventy different ethnic groups with their intriguing traditional festivals and over a hundred languages. The land of cultural diversity.

Volunteer opportunities: Ghana is the preferred destination for voluntourism as there are limitless opportunities to touch lives in a secure and peaceful atmosphere. Teach in a community school, help save lives at a community health centre or contribute to the future of orphans at a children's home.

Friendly people in a peaceful nation: In 2011, Forbes ranked Ghana the 11th most friendly nation in the world. Ghana is widely referred to as the champion of democracy in Africa. The nation has enjoyed an admirably stable democracy for close to three decades and still counting.

The proverbial Ghanaian hospitality: The language of all Ghanaians is full of proverbs and euphemisms.

Nature's beauty: Beautiful highlands, amazing waterfalls, various shades and types of vegetation: From the thick tropical rainforest of the mountainous Southern Ghana to the semi-arid plains of the North.

The Wli Waterfall is the tallest of its kind in West Africa. Don't miss the opportunity to watch elephants, lions, and other wildlife at the Mole National Park and take a walk on the over 30 metres tall canopy walkway at the Kakum National Park.

Handmade beauty: The majestic Volta lake is the world's largest man-made lake and the Kpando Agbenorxoe Grotto has the largest statue of the Holy Virgin Mary in West Africa. The Ghanaian creativity is demonstrated in the beautiful handicrafts and arts. These creative works have very deep meanings and convey various messages of our rich societal values: life, love, peace, unity and the likes.

Laid-back villages: Clean, safe and healthy peripheral rural communities, where you experience the real indigenous culture and relieve yourself of the stress of city life.

Legendary personalities: Check if you ever heard about the following icons: Kofi Annan (Former UN Secretary General), Azumah Nelson (The greatest African boxer of all time), Dr Kwame Nkrumah (BBC African Man of the millennium), Flt Lt J.J. Rawlings. Just to mention a few of the prominent global icons from Ghana.

Budget friendly destination: Love your pocket, visit Ghana.

Edem Ativor is a tourism blogger and entrepreneur. He's passionate about anything tourism. B.A. Culture & Tourism (KNUST) Editor in Chief @ Ghana Tourist Radio

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