Mercedes-Benz C-Class - 2006

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  • 2006 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
  • 2006
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  • The C-Class delivers a well-engineeRed, comfortable and pRedictable ride with noteworthy safety features. Mercedes-Benz C-Class as a practical, well-equipped, and relatively powerful sedan that's perfect for those that want luxury and prestige, but don't need a lot of passenger or cargo room.A The optional 3.5L engine in particular receives positive reviews from critics.A Edmunds says, "Although previously disregarded as a true sport sedan, this ... more powerful C-Class Mercedes should earn a spot on any BMW shopper's short list." Forbes urges buyers to consider the C-Class if "you must have a Benz but are on a budget, relatively speaking; you prefer compact and nimble sedans and don't usually need room for more than four adults and their stuff."