Mercedes-Benz Double Axle - 1999

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  • Accra
  • GHS 200000
  • 1999 Mercedes-Benz Double Axle
  • 1999
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  • This Orange colored 1999 Mercedes-Benz Double Axle is a fantastic deal at just 200000 Ghana Cedi. It comes with a manual transmission system. This is a bargain you can't afford to miss, so get in touch today.This Mercedes-Benz truck is an iconic vehicle that is tough and easy to maintain. Very great at hauling goods from different destinations and has very good handling. It is a rugged build, has great looks and lots of storage space. It is surprisingly good for accurate fuel economy and has a good reliability record. The strength lies in its size and shape. Its pretty compact, which makes it ideal for companies that are primarily city or town-based. These attributes make it a good prospect as a second-hand buy. And despite the fact that relatively few were sold, prices are attractive on the used market. The vehicle offers a great deal of flexibility. It has the most popular body options covered in the shape of the drop-side and tipper bodies, supplied from the factory.Dont forget to mention when you contact the seller!