Daewoo Labor - 1999

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  • Accra
  • GHS 13000
  • 1999 Daewoo Labor
  • 1999
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  • Daewoo has delivered quality for years and this car is no exception. This White 1999 Labor has a manual transmission system. Priced at 13000 Ghana Cedi , this car is fantastic value for money.This Daewoo is known for its responsive performance, comfortable interior and superior reliability. It has a good reputation for performance and rugged construction. On the plus side, the cabin design gives a relatively high seating position and, accommodating passenger cabin, the driver has a good all-round view. It is a rugged build, surprisingly good for accurate fuel economy and a proven reliability record. These attributes make it a good prospect as a second-hand buy. And despite the fact that relatively few were sold, prices are attractive on the used market. The vehicle offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of load space.Remember to mention carmudi.com.gh when you contact this dealer.