Mercedes-Benz E-class - 2003

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  • 2003 Mercedes-Benz E-class
  • 2003
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  • The E-Class delivers prestige, luxury and premium handling, Mercedes-Benz E-Class lives up to its advertised image as a perfect blend of luxury sedan and sports car capabilities. The E-Class comes with numerous safety features, which helps it maintain its position as "one of the most capable, most luxurious and safest vehicles on the road," according to Edmunds. It's "unquestionably the most popular luxury executive sedan on the global market today," The Mercedes-Benz E-Class emerges as one of the best sport sedans money can buy. This an utterly unobtrusive ride, quiet, comfortable, and easily maneuverable, it is a widely preferred brand and model by most families. Built for inner town commuting of passengers, it also holds its ground in the aspect of off-road handling, as it provides a smooth drive always