Land Rover Freelander - 2008

  • 10777
  • Accra
  • GH¢ 105000
  • 2008 Land Rover Freelander
  • 2008
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  • Land Rover has taken all its off-road knowledge and put it into an upmarket package to create the excellent Freelander. The Freelander has a smooth ride and a great driving position, and it's great off-road. Land Rover Freelander desirable image keeps resale values strong. The Freelander is brilliant at ironing out bumps A it's more like a luxury car on the motorway. Freelander competes with the CR-V and RAV-4 in the 'lifestyle' 4x4 arena. It offers more than its rivals, with three body styles, good off-road ability and lots of optional kit. However, it also costs more than its direct competitors. It's good to drive for a 4x4 (especially the Td4 and V6 models) and both fAshionable and prestigious thanks to its Land Rover heritage.