Mitsubishi Endeavor - 2005

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  • 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor
  • 2005
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  • When It was first introduced, the Mitsubishi endeavor won in comparism to other midsize SUVs, it won with a combination of good looks, torque-filled engine performance, smart handling and excellent off road performance. Mitsubishi Endeavor is a solid performing SUV with a unique exterior and a stylish interior, if you're in the market for an afFordable midsize SUV. Mitsubishi Endeavor is still praised for distinctive styling inside and out. Most test drivers find a strong engine and responsive handling that places the Endeavor's performance competitively with the best midsize crossover SUVs. Edmunds sums up the experts' view best: "The Mitsubishi Endeavor is a well-rounded crossover SUV for those who crave edgy styling in a comfortable, easy-to-drive package.