Toyota Yaris - 2007

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  • 2007 Toyota Yaris
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  • The Yaris offers roomy interior that's packed with equipment and Toyota superb reliability score. Toyota Yaris is consideRed an improvement over its subcompact pRedecessor, the Echo. The Yaris comes in both a sedan and a hatchback version, and many reviewers rate its design based on their dislike of the car it replaced in Toyota's lineup, the Echo. The San Diego Union-Tribune says the Yaris offers "no-frills curb appeal. Its platform is longer and wider than the hopeless Echo, and it has an athletic-no longer boxy -- stance." The base model Toyota Yaris sticker price is a very afFordable starting point within its class. IntelliChoice gives the Yaris a rating of "excellent" for its pRedicted five-year total cost of ownership compared with other vehicles in its class, and the Yaris is a "Recommended" choice by Consumer Guide.