Hyundai Tucson - 2005

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  • 2005 Hyundai Tucson
  • 2005
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  • The Tucson is a good value as a basic compact SUV, Automobile Magazine suggests that, "Ride quality and body control are noteworthy only in relation to other Hyundais." Newsday finds the Tucson to be a "well-conceived little wagon at a bargain price, with a combination of practicality and on-road manners," and Consumer Guide gave theTucson a "Recommended" award. Edmunds sums up the majority view that "where Hyundai has the others beat is value."Judging from the increased influx of units of this vehicle, it is safe to say that; this car delivers great value for its cost. Adequate maintenance outlets are also an added advantage to the benefits of purchasing this unit. Reviewers are generally impressed with the interior, exterior and performance and it offers minimal fuel consumption, hence itAAs cost effective. Owning this vehicle should find its way on every driverAAs bucket list.