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Nana Mad At Kufuor

Akuffo Addo 11.2003 -Ignores his phone calls and still Avoids Afoko, Agyapong In its June 2015 edition, Africawatch magazine made a profound statement and followed it with a rhetorical question "…the NPP is immersed in deep distrust and undercurrents of treachery in the party pose a clear and present danger to its fortunes... The only remaining question is whether Akufo-Addo can fix the broken trust in the party in time for the next elections?" The paper asked. Certainly, the 2016 flag bearer of the opposition New Patriotic Party is far from fixing the "broken trust" in the party. Latest goings-on » Read More

Jun 21
What Is Going On With President Mahama ,Valerie Sawyer And Mona Quartey?
Jun 16
AMA Boss On His Way Out?
Ghana Airways to be sold to Togbe Afede in dubious deals
Jun 11
Minority leader On His Way Out
Jun 7
Ex-minister swindles south african investor
May 26
Afoko, Agyepong on their way out
May 20
Mahama held meetings with agents helping him to register foreigners
May 10
President Mahama has nine months to live ?
Apr 21
Mrs Osei Is Next EC Boss
Apr 14
Akufo-addo Wants afoko, agyapong jailed
Apr 13
Ghana’s opposition leader campaign confined to his residence
Apr 7
Why George Andah Opted for NPP
Mar 21
President mahama’s reshuffle Not ended
Mar 10
Ibrahim Mahama To Buy Electricity Corporation of Ghana
Mar 3
Ruling By Family And Friends!
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