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Religion of Thursday, 12 December 2013

Source: Graphic Online

Christian leaders are as corrupt as politicians - Owusu-Asiamah

A missionary of the Churches of Christ, Brother Dan Owusu-Asiamah (Snr), has stated that most Christian leaders, particularly those leading non-orthodox churches, have no moral authority to blame politicians for engaging in corruption.

He said most of them have turned their churches into business and income-generating points where they extract money from their congregation in a way that is not approved by the Bible.

He said much as politicians obtained money through dubious ways and were accused of corruption, so should those Christian leaders be accused of corruption.

“Most of the Christian leaders who have established their own churches, known as one-man-churches, are using their churches as profit-making businesses under the guise of Christianity, but their actions are not Bible-based. There is, therefore, no line of difference between them and politicians who are mostly accused of corruption, and that they have no moral authority to blame them for that act,” he stated.

The missionary was speaking on the topic: “The Church and Money” in a television bible broadcast last week Sunday; dubbed: “Voice of the churches,” shown on Metro TV every Sunday morning.

He observed that there were “so-called” prophets, bishops, general overseers, reverends, among others; who sold items at their various churches for money to perform miracles which, to him, was a replica of corruption.

He said apart from the fact that the Bible did not approve of selling items in churches for miracles, the act was a socially disapproved behaviour.

He recalled that some few years ago in Takoradi in the Western Region, a so-called man of God sold three stones each in a sack for Ghc1, 000.00 to perform miracles for members of his church, adding that he consequently reduced the amount to Ghc500.00, Ghc300.00, Ghc200.00 respectively, and to the lowest amount till all the stones in the sack got finished.

He also recalled that a so-called prophet sold oranges at his church to also perform miracles, an act he termed “biblical corruption,” quoting from Jeremiah 5:30-31 to buttress his point.

Moreover, he observed that there were some orthodox churches too who were organising mid-year and annual harvests in their churches and even sharing envelopes to non-church members, all in the name of raising funds, which also was not approved by the Bible, and classified it as corruption.

Apart from that, he further observed that the so-called prophets were charging consultation fees, selling bottles of oil to cure diseases like diabetes, sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) and other related diseases which did not conform to the teachings of the Bible.

He said he had learnt that in some cases, some of those who bought those oils from the prophets and bishops to cure their diseases later died.

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