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Regional News of Friday, 20 December 2013

Source: Graphic Online

Students urged to develop potential

The Chief Executive Officer of Roverman Productions, Uncle James Ebo Whyte, has challenged students in tertiary institutions to consciously nurture their potential while in school and effectively develop and utilise such potential after graduation.

He said securing first class without any merit of utilising their potential would not only make their certificates valueless and prevent them from being responsible citizens, but would also create additional burden on the government, private sector and job market.

“You should step forward and develop your potential very well, and in the end, you will discover that you have really spent your life on earth very fruitfully. Your certificates should only be evidence of what you achieved in your academic fields, but it is when you develop and utilise your potential that you become a better and responsible person in life,” he advised.

Addressing graduates of the Christian Service University College (CSUC) and a cross-section of the public during the 37th graduation of the institute in Kumasi, Uncle Ebo Whyte explained that God, in his own wisdom, provided each individual with a special potential, for which formal education only helped to nurture for effective utilisation.

“Work in the area you are gifted, even if you have no capital to start. This is because God will surely raise someone to support and guide you to achieve success,” he encouraged.

Speaking on the theme; “CSUC @ 40: Growing and Renewing our Identity,” Uncle Ebo Whyte, a motivational public speaker and playwright, also urged the graduates to develop positive attitudes towards all manner of persons.

That, he said, would not only endear them to the public for them to support the graduates in diverse ways in times of need, but would also make them role models to the present and future generations.

“Be careful and respect those who supported you in times of need because you may need them in times of distress,” he advised.


In her address, the President of the CSUC, Professor (Mrs) Frances Thelma Kwabea Owusu-Daaku, assured of management’s commitment to pursue the vision of being a first class evangelical Christian university “that promotes knowledge about Christ through the training of men and women with moral uprightness, academic excellence and passion to serve and transform society.”

“To this end, we continue to train and equip graduates to integrate faith into rigorous learning. We do this to enable them to develop a deep relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and uphold strong morals- the biblical analogy of salt and light- so that they can become change agents and responsible future leaders,” she announced.

On the way forward in achieving a world-class status of a university of choice, Prof. Mrs Owusu-Daaku said they were not only deepening their core values and exploring avenues for sustainable funding for the university, but were also quickening the pace for the granting of a full university status and strengthening their global engagement with stakeholders, alumni , corporate bodies, mentor institutions and the general public.

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