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Politics of Thursday, 19 December 2013

Source: Young Democrates

Bichemboi, Bawiesibai need urgent help from the Government.

The leadership of Young Democrats in the Sissala East district wishes to extend our profound thanks and gratitude to President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama and the Government of Ghana for embarking on massive and nationwide rural electrification project that saw a chunk of communities in the Sissala East District connected to the national grid. Notwithstanding this monumental achievement, there are some communities in the District which are yet to be connected, notably, Bichemboi, Bawiesibai, among others. A lot of anxiety and despondency is building up among the youth in the above mentioned communities due to what they describe as “selective electrification of the government’s darling communities” in the district. Access to electricity has been a burning desire of rural communities in the district for over two decades now and many governments have promised and failed to deliver on their promises to connect the district to the national grid. The plight of these aggrieved communities can therefore be understood from the standpoint that they cannot longer believe any more promises until they see their courtyards, backyards, streets and bedrooms brightened by glowing electric bulbs.
We would like to use this opportunity, to inform you of the concerns raised by one community, the people of Bichemboi are worried as to why the extension polls pass through their community yet they are not connected. This we think is a legitimate question that needs urgent attention. They would also like to know the criterion used in the selection of communities for the rural electrification and how theirs was the only community in the electoral area be omitted.
An urgent explanation either way of the current situation would be appreciated to help calm the nerves of aggrieved youth who unfortunately could take the law into their own hands. As agents of the Better Ghana Agenda, we found it incumbent on us to sensitize the aggrieved communities to contain their hopes and keep their expectations alive on one hand and also make a humble plea to government to ensure that a prompt action is taken to get these communities connected to the national grid as soon as possible. The rural electrification and water projects are projects that are very dear to the rural folks in the district. Given the sensitivity and strategic importance of these projects in development of deprived communities, government should not hesitate in committing adequate resources to ensure that every community in the Sissala East District or elsewhere in Ghana is connected to the national grid as well as supplied portable water. It is our fervent hope that government would harkens to our humble appeal by resourcing the district assembly and the contractors involved in the electrification project in the district so that all communities in the district are supplied electricity within a reasonable time.
We the Young Democrats are humbly appealing to his Excellency the president about the calibre of person we look forward to be appointed as our District Chief Executive. At these difficult times of the president’s stewardship, one would expect that appointment of individuals to the position of the DCE should take into serious account the sufficient combination of the following leadership attributes: Intelligence, Self-Confidence, Integrity, Determination, dynamism, and sociability. It is empirically grounded that individuals with such attributes are more likely to be effective leaders.
We the young democrats will like to conclude by humbly appealing to his Excellency John Dramani Mahama ,to appoint a more competent, affable, disciplined, very popular, respectful, faithful party person, honest, loving, hardworking, creative, versatile and yet appealing to party members and the youth in the constituency. This is the voice of Sissalas. The voice of the people is said to be the voice of God. We hope that this statement receives the appropriate attention. In submission, we will end by wishing the president, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama and all patriotic Ghanaians, a happy Christmas and a more productive new year in advance.
Thank you.
Long live the National Democratic Congress, long Live John Dramani Mahama, and long live Sissala Land. NDC katawie, NDC katawie, NDC Katawie.
Written by: Mr. Prince Justice Ali; Director of Communications of Young Democrats
Cell: 0204803328
Endorsed by:
Mr. Hillia Fuseini; Convener of Young Democrats
Cell: 0209131254
Mr. Adamu Dramani; Deputy Director of Communication of Young Democrats
Cell; 0207075804
Frank Fuseini Kusaiu- Secretary for Young Democrats . 0208291355

Kanton Dan- Deputy Secretary for Young Democrats 0208754143

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