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Job Vacancy Company Date
Secretary Needed urgently Alive jobs 2014-11-25
Sales/ Marketing Executive of Hyundai Vehicles L\'AINE SERVICES 2014-11-25
Account Officer needed at (Sefwi) Alive Jobs 2014-11-25
A Shop Attendant needed urgently for a beverage shop at Adenta Confidential 2014-11-25
A Security Personnel needed urgently for a company in osu A Reputable Company 2014-11-25
Stores Management and Stock Control lecturer urgently needed A Reputable University College 2014-11-25
Sales and Marketing Officers Confidential 2014-11-25
Experienced Graphic Designer Printing and Advertising Company 2014-11-24
HR Assistant Consultant needed urgently A reputable organisation 2014-11-24
Investigators needed by a securuty company Crystal Spring 2014-11-24
Coordinators needed urgently by a reputable security company Crystal Spring 2014-11-24
Business Relationship Officers Confidential 2014-11-24
Driver/Mechanic Confidential 2014-11-24
Accountants needed urgently Healthy Habits Global Africa LTD 2014-11-24
IT Sales & Marketing Officer Reputable Company 2014-11-24
Finance and Administrative Manager Accrescence Ghana 2014-11-24
Head of Central Administration Department for MMDA Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) 2014-11-24
Technician University of Ghana 2014-11-24
Assistant Technician University of Ghana 2014-11-24
Head of Urban Roads Department of MMA\\\'s Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) 2014-11-24
Head of Department Agriculture of MMDAs Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) 2014-11-24
Head of Waste Management Department of MAs Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) 2014-11-24
Senior Administrative Officer Confidential 2014-11-24
Cook/Housekeeper Confidential 2014-11-24
Sales Engineer Accrescence Ghana 2014-11-24
HVAC Instrument / Control Technicians needed urgently Emaric Company Limited 2014-11-24
Factory Hand needed in Lapaz (Male only) Hotjobs Africa Ltd 2014-11-24
Telemarketers needed urgently Pagmaga 2014-11-24
Secretary needed urgently Pagmaga 2014-11-24
Finance Manager A Reputable Company 2014-11-24
Industrial Electrician needed A Company 2014-11-24
Receptionist needed urgently Angematic Consult 2014-11-24
First-Line Supervisor Accrescence Ghana 2014-11-24
Administrative Assistant Accrescence Ghana 2014-11-24
Senior Graphic Designer Confidential 2014-11-24
Trainer Confidential 2014-11-24
Accountant Needed A Reputable Construction Company 2014-11-24
Lawyer ShawbellConsulting 2014-11-23
Agronomist HPW Fresh & Dry Ltd 2014-11-22
Customer support and Marketing executive Confidential 2014-11-22
Account Clerk A Reputable Company 2014-11-21
Financial Controller 4star hotel 2014-11-21
Finance Director ShawbellConsulting 2014-11-21
Driver needed urgently A Reputable Security Company 2014-11-21
Restaurant Manager 4star Hotel 2014-11-21
Front Desk Personnel 4 Star Hotel 2014-11-21
Front Desk Manager 4star Hotel 2014-11-21
Customer Service Representative A&A Funeral Services 2014-11-21