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Job Vacancy Company Date
Front Desk Executive A Security Printing Company 2014-09-02
Part-Time English Teacher needed now Lumiere Management 2014-09-02
Facility Maintenance / Operations Officer Confidential 2014-09-02
Head Teacher Confidential 2014-09-02
Integrated Science Teacher Confidential 2014-09-02
Commission Based Sales Person Needed A Reputable Company 2014-09-02
Program Assistant (Procurement and Shipments Officer) John Snow Inc 2014-09-02
Regional Logistics Support Officer John Snow Inc 2014-09-02
LTE Radio Network Optimisation Expert Confidential 2014-09-02
CMS Logistics Support Officer John Snow Inc 2014-09-02
Project Coordinator John Snow Inc 2014-09-02
Marketing Agent Halbey Property 2014-09-02
Account Officer Rich Production 2014-09-02
History & English Teachers needed. African Educational Consult 2014-09-02
Recovery Officer Toptalent Resources Ltd 2014-09-02
Dispatch Riders needed urgently A Restaurant 2014-09-02
Driver wanted urgently A Family 2014-09-02
MTS Manager Learning Organisation 2014-09-02
Field Quality Control Supervisor Reputable Farm 2014-09-02
Operations Manager LAINE SERVICES LTD 2014-09-02
Cosmetics Sales Associate Careers in Ghana: Recruiting Consultancy 2014-09-02
Strategy & Creative Director 101 Hotjobs Africa Limited 2014-09-02
Cleaner needed urgently(Male) Angematic consult 2014-09-02
Consultant/Professional/Expert Sagaci Research Consulting 2014-09-02
HVAC Engineers-Qatar Emaric Company Limited 2014-09-02
Electrical Engineers-Qatar Emaric Company Limited 2014-09-02
Office Manager Toptalent Resources Ltd 2014-09-02
Supervisors (HVAC) Emaric Company Limited 2014-09-02
Supervisor (Electrical)-Qatar Emaric Company Limited 2014-09-02
Sales Persons Needed Urgently Lordship Insurance Brokers And Consultancy Limited 2014-09-02
Sales Coordinator SavPlus Microfinance Services Limited 2014-09-02
Mobile Banking SavPLus Microfinance SErvices Limited 2014-09-02
Female sales Executive needed urgently A Reputable Company 2014-09-02
Facilities Coordinators-Qatar Emaric Company Limited 2014-09-02
Mechanical Engineers-Qatar Emaric Company Limited 2014-09-02
Human Resource Manager OrphanAid Africa 2014-09-01
Graphic Designer Frontiers Printing and Publishing Ltd 2014-09-01
Drivers (4) Nursing & Midwifery Council 2014-09-01
Retail Sales Consultant HFC Bank 2014-09-01
Credit Officer First Capital Investment 2014-09-01
Director General CSIR 2014-09-01
Salesman/Sales Manager Confidential 2014-09-01
(French) Cashier/Customer Service/Shop Manager Confidential 2014-09-01
Clearing Assistant Confidential 2014-09-01
Warehouse Assistant/Manager Confidential 2014-09-01
Operations Manager Confidential 2014-09-01
Account Officer (Kumasi) A Multinational Indian Company 2014-09-01
Sales Officer-Koforudia A Multinational Indian Company 2014-09-01
Account Manager Brand68 2014-09-01
Drivers A reputable company 2014-09-01