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Job Vacancy Company Date
Production Assistants - Food & Beverages SIL 2015-10-05
Female Sales/Marketing Personnel Surf Inn 2015-10-05
AC Technician Sedat Consult 2015-10-05
3 Extruder Operator needed urgently A Plastic Manufacturing Company 2015-10-05
5 Extruder Machine Operator needed urgently A Reputable Plastic Manufacturing Company 2015-10-05
French Teachers(Females only) A Reputable bilingual Pre-School 2015-10-05
Accounts Receivable Officer urgently needed Dizengoff Ghana Ltd 2015-10-05
Management Accountant urgently needed Dizengoff Ghana Ltd 2015-10-05
Teachers (Females Only) A reputable bilingual Pre-School 2015-10-05
CCTV Operator A Reputable Company 2015-10-05
Managing Director (Vehicle Leasing and Rentals) A Reputable Company 2015-10-05
Front Office Manager Hospitality Company 2015-10-05
An Air Conditioner Technician Needed for Immediate Employment A Reputable Four Star Hotel In Accra 2015-10-05
Dispatch Rider with lincense needed urgently Angematic Consult 2015-10-05
AC Technicians needed for employment A Reputable 4-Star Hotel 2015-10-05
Sales Person PmCedis Capital 2015-10-05
Sales Agents needed (Commission) A Reputable Company 2015-10-05
Customer Service Executive L\'AINE Services Limited 2015-10-05
Recruitment Officer HR Services Firm 2015-10-05
Lady Administrative Assistants wanted A Reputable Company 2015-10-05
Accounts Person(Female) A Reputable Company 2015-10-05
Bank Teller needed urgently. Angematic Consult 2015-10-05
Ticketing Consultant OML AFRICA 2015-10-05
Drivers needed A Reputable Company 2015-10-05
Sales Manager needed A Reputable Company 2015-10-05
Sales & Marketing Clerks ( Tema ) Job Arena 2015-10-05
Sales Boys And Girls Wanted In Accra Big Vision World 2015-10-05
Accounts / Data Entry Officer OML AFRICA 2015-10-05
Bakery Manager Confidential 2015-10-05
25 Female Sales Executives needed urgently @ Tesano A Reputable Manufacturing Company 2015-10-05
Agronomist Global Talent Masters 2015-10-05
Cashier BSA GHANA LTD 2015-10-05
Secretaries needed for employment XL Management Services 2015-10-05
Marketing or Investment Officer needed urgently A Microfinance company 2015-10-05
Sales and Marketing Officer BSA GHANA LTD 2015-10-05
Marketing Co ordinators hAfrica 2015-10-05
Field Officers needed urgently Health Enriches International Ltd 2015-10-05
CCTV Camera Technician Setguard Securities 2015-10-05
Marketing Executive Confidential 2015-10-05
Secretary Emit Electronic Institute 2015-10-05
General Manager Confidential 2015-10-05
Chef Confidential 2015-10-05
Driver Confidential 2015-10-05
Chef Confidential 2015-10-05
Marketing Personnel Confidential 2015-10-05
Receptionist Confidential 2015-10-05
Digital Business Development Officer L\'AINE Services Ltd 2015-10-05
Part Time Sales Rep A Reputable Company 2015-10-05
Corporate Female Ambassadors KYC Nations 2015-10-05