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Job Vacancy Company Date
Administrative Assistant Smart Company Limited 2016-08-25
Security Officers (2) Lumiere Management 2016-08-25
Digital Large Format Printer Operator / Graphic Designer needed urgently Vikipat Media Solutions 2016-08-25
Executive Sales Agents Needed Urgently Enterprise Life 2016-08-25
Sofetware Professionals needed urgently A Reputable IT Company 2016-08-25
Marketing Officer Confidential 2016-08-25
Customer Service Executive (with Marketing Background) - Female Lumiere Management 2016-08-25
IT Personnel needed urgently Reputable Company 2016-08-25
Graphic Designer Cameo1 group 2016-08-25
Compliance and ESG Officer Axis Human Capital 2016-08-25
Social Media Person/Marketer Insight HR Solutions 2016-08-25
Production Chemist Pharmaceutical/Chemical Co 2016-08-25
Financial Controller Reputable Company 2016-08-25
Drivers with License D & F Needed Urgently BYF 2016-08-25
Shop Attendant Angematic consult 2016-08-25
Security Guards PEYCHEX 2016-08-25
Ga Teachers Peychex 2016-08-25
Dispatch Rider urgently needed A reputable courier company 2016-08-25
Driver Peychex 2016-08-25
Mobile Banker Needed For a Bank Resource Intermediaries Limited 2016-08-25
Community Performance Officer needed urgently China Harbour Engineering company Ghana Limited 2016-08-25
Office Manager TickTock 2016-08-25
Business Development Executive A Manufacturing Company 2016-08-25
Cleaner Urgently Needed A Reputable Real Estate Firm 2016-08-25
Vehicle Tracking Systems Administrator Tracking Company 2016-08-25
Electrical and Automation Supervisor Hotjobs Africa Ltd 2016-08-25
Business Development Manager wanted Vegetable & Fruit Distributor 2016-08-25
Industrial Production Manager needed urgently (Polythene Films) U E V 2016-08-25
Sales Supervisor A Manufacturing Company 2016-08-25
Sales Manager Assistant A Reputable Company 2016-08-25
HR Manager Needed Urgently A Reputable Hotel 2016-08-24
Graphic Designer needed urgently Golden Image Graffix 2016-08-24
Experienced Female Human Resource Manager with knowledge in the Garment Industry Laine Services Ltd 2016-08-24
Director of Administration and Student Affairs Private Tertiary Institution 2016-08-24
Sale Representative needed urgently for insurance company Resource Intermediaries Limited 2016-08-24
Carpentry Foreman Construction Company 2016-08-24
Internal Auditor Confidential 2016-08-24
Mason Foreman Construction Firm 2016-08-24
Drivers Construction Company 2016-08-24
Financial Advisors Sonic Recruitment Services 2016-08-24
Works Manager Sonic Recruitment Services 2016-08-24
Marketing Manager Willbrain Ghana Limited 2016-08-24
A Professional Dispatch Rider needed urgently A Reputable Logistics Company 2016-08-24
Cafe Attendant BlueRayIT 2016-08-24
HDPE Blow Molding Machine Operator Proudpals Company Ltd. 2016-08-24
CCTV Camera / Electrical Fence Installer Reputable Company 2016-08-24
Male Tailors R & E GRUP LTD 2016-08-24
Sales Executives needed urgently G& G BUSINESS SOLUTION 2016-08-24