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Job Vacancy Company Date
PHP/Mysql developersGhanaWeb BV2016-07-23
Office Assistant/ Cleaner needed urgently A reputable IT Company 2016-07-27
Auditor A reputable FMCG company 2016-07-27
Business Development Manager Lifeline Asset Management 2016-07-27
Sales and Marketing Executive A reputable company 2016-07-27
Electrician needed urgently Rhema Recruitment Agency 2016-07-27
Event Activation Manager Uniemploy International 2016-07-27
Site Manager Uniemploy International 2016-07-27
LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT The Capital Group Limited 2016-07-27
Technical Assistant Uniemploy International 2016-07-27
Maritime Engineer Rhema Recruitment Agency 2016-07-27
Front Desk Executive Lumiere Management 2016-07-27
Administrative Assistant (Central Region) Sonic Recruitment Services 2016-07-27
Electrical Technicians needed urgently Reputable Company 2016-07-27
Mechanical Engineer A reputable rice plant in tamale 2016-07-27
Drivers A Reputable Company 2016-07-27
Parboil Operator A reputable rice plant in tamale 2016-07-27
Marine Cadet Rhema Recruitment Agency 2016-07-27
Quality Control A reputable rice plant in tamale 2016-07-27
Electrical Engineer A reputable rice plant in tamale 2016-07-27
Field Recruitment Officers Vision 2 CONSULT 2016-07-27
Managing Director Lifeline Asset Management 2016-07-27
Life Sales Executives A Reputable Comapny 2016-07-27
Graphic Designer (Illustrator) needed A Reputable Company 2016-07-27
Content Development Officer (Mathematics) A Reputable Company 2016-07-27
Heavy Duty Mechanics(Central Region) Sonic Recruitment Services 2016-07-26
Roofing Estimators Needed Urgently Reputable Roofing Company 2016-07-26
Buisness Development Manager needed A reputable company 2016-07-26
Auto Electrician(Central Region) Sonic Recruitment Services 2016-07-26
Welder (Central Region) Sonic Recruitment Services 2016-07-26
Furniture Engineer needed A Reputable Company 2016-07-26
Health & Safety Trainee Service Company 2016-07-26
System Administrator A financial Institution 2016-07-26
Office manager needed A reputable company 2016-07-26
Electrical Technician GS Prime Services 2016-07-26
Carpenters urgently needed AMP Woodwork 2016-07-26
Sales & Marketing Executives Needed Urgently Reputable Company 2016-07-26
Accounts officer First Consult Ltd 2016-07-26
Finance Manager Uniemploy International 2016-07-26
I.T Officer Empower 2016-07-26
Sales Supervisor Wanted A Reputable Company 2016-07-26
Vulganizer (Central Region) Sonic Recruitment Services 2016-07-26
Class C Driver Careers In Ghana Recruitment Consultancy 2016-07-26
Surveyor Equal Opportunity Employer. 2016-07-26
Financial Advisor (ACCRA Residents only)/ commission jobe GN LIFE ASSJRANCE COMPANYR 2016-07-26
Web Developer/Cysersecurity Analyst/ UI/Ux Developer Needed TFI Technologies 2016-07-26
Shop Attendant needed Macford Laundry Services 2016-07-26
Marketing Executives Urgently Wanted Medeji Co. Ltd. 2016-07-26
Shop Manager. MacFord Cleaning solutions 2016-07-26