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Job Vacancy Company Date
Organist/ Instrumentalist Unicorn Christian Centre, Grace Assembly 2016-02-12
Quality Assurance Supervisor A Manufacturing Company 2016-02-12
Sales & Marketing Personnel Needed Urgently E.M.I SYSTEMS LTD 2016-02-12
Sales and Marketing Alsbridge Group 2016-02-12
Accounts Officer A Reputable Pharmaceutical Company 2016-02-12
Marketer needed urgently Mobile Web Ghana 2016-02-12
Hotel Accountant Sonic Recruitment Service 2016-02-12
Software Developer needed urgently Mobile Web Ghana 2016-02-12
Accounts Officer A Reputable Farm 2016-02-12
Finance Officers -UW / WR VisionFund Ghana 2016-02-12
Merchandisers Reputable Marketing & Distribution Company 2016-02-12
Ga Teacher needed urgently HIPS CHARITY SCHOOL 2016-02-12
Regional Sales Coordinator (for Tarkordi) Reputable Marketing & Distribution Company 2016-02-12
Graphic Designer needed urgently IT Company 2016-02-12
Professional Audio Engineer Melcom Group of Companies 2016-02-12
Sales Executive (Generator, Burglar proof , etc) Uniemploy International 2016-02-12
Tyre Sales Supervisor A Reputable Company 2016-02-12
Marketing /Sales Person Confidential 2016-02-12
Commision Marketers A Reputable University College 2016-02-12
Marketing Officer Kee Express Limited 2016-02-12
Experience Graphic Designer Sonic Recruitment Service 2016-02-12
Cash Sales Driver (FMCG) Reputable Marketing Firm 2016-02-12
Estate Officer Kee Express Limited 2016-02-12
Dispatch Rider EMACO LOGISTICS 2016-02-12
Workshop Receptionist needed urgently Reputable company 2016-02-12
Marketers for Research firm Sonic Recruitment Service 2016-02-11
Accountant_Tema (Urgently) A Reputable Company 2016-02-11
Sales Training Consultants A Specialist Sales Training Firm 2016-02-11
Marketing Manager ( Telecom Background) Hotjobs Africa Ltd 2016-02-11
Payroll Officer needed urgently Shanass Creative Solutions Ltd 2016-02-11
Operations Manager Hotjobs Africa Ltd 2016-02-11
Accountant urgently needed A Reputable Company 2016-02-11
Production Manager Needed Urgently An "A" Class Printing Press 2016-02-11
IT Technician Needed A Reputable 4-Star Hotel 2016-02-11
Software developer/Programmer TCFGL 2016-02-11
Electrical Technician Wanted Urgently A Reputable Company 2016-02-11
Sales Manager (Aluminum Manufacturing Company) Uniemploy International 2016-02-11
OTR Tyre Service Technician (Urgently Needed) A Reputable Company 2016-02-11
Cosmetic Shop Assistant Tema com 4 Resource Intermediaries 2016-02-11
Business Development Officer Streams Consulting 2016-02-11
Legal Practitioner Careers In Ghana Recruitment Consultancy 2016-02-11
CCTV Contractor Avnash Industries Ghana Limited 2016-02-11
Equity Sales and Trading Associate Uniemploy International 2016-02-11
Drivers With Licence ' B 'C'D'& F Sonic Recruitment Service 2016-02-11
Gardener DEE & DEE LINK 2016-02-11
Sales and Marketing Officer A Reputable Firm 2016-02-11
Sales & Marketing Executive needed urgently A Reputable Company 2016-02-11
Accounts officer needed urgently Stace ltd 2016-02-11