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Tabloid News of Monday, 23 January 2012

Source: The Herald

Nana Addo Grabs ‘Apuskeleke’ Girls

With the December 2012 fast approaching and politicians struggling to stay away from scandals, it is becoming increasingly clear that the media-hyped and overly confident major opposition leader is not ready to let go off some negative traits to give President John Mills, a run for his money. He will rather retire from politics.

Considering the damning things written about Nana Akufo-Addo by the Americans, in their diplomatic cables, on the use of illegal substances and having an insatiable desire for women, many, especially, supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) would have hoped that their flag bearer stayed away from potentially damaging situations.

The mind-blowing photograph of Nana Addo on our frontpage which will most likely keep him in the political abyss the Americans have sunk him.

The image is an indecent photograph taken by “Romeo” Nana Addo with some two ladies; one of them so indecently dressed that her private parts were almost exposed.

She wore a tight, short black jeans skirt commonly referred to as “Apushkeleke,” revealing her whole thighs to the world. One does not need the strength of the biblical Samson to lift up or pull down the skirt to have her vagina exposed, as ladies who dress in this immoral way, often do so without wearing panties beneath their skirts.

What is interesting is that the NPP flag bearer had both hands resting on the buttocks of the yet-to-be-identified ladies, who had sandwiched tightly him. Nana Addo is seen in the picture wearing a boyish smile akin to that of a teenager who had just been kissed for the first time by his lover. He also looked “high” on something, apologies Mr. Kwesi Pratt, the managing editor of The Insight newspaper.

It is unclear whether the ladies were party supporters who had visited him in his residence or had gone to a hideout with Nana Addo to have fun.

It will be recalled that when he declared his bid to contest for the NPP flag bear race, and his strength was questioned because of his age, he was quick to reveal the Casanova in him, by advising that the ladies – but not his wife, Mrs. Rebecca Akuffo Addo- should be consulted as to whether he was over the hill.

His penchant to reduce everything to sex came up again at the late Theresa Ameley Tagoe’s (onetime NPP member of Parliament for Ablekuma South) funeral, when in a tribute to the deceased, in such a solemn occasion, he alluded to Volta Hall in University of Ghana, Legon, as a rendezvous for the sexual gratification by healthy young males, during their days in the nation’s premier University.

He was not done yet with the tribute, at that solemn moment, until he dropped the clanger that “it was during our time at Legon that for the rest of her life, I came to call her ‘Bottoms’ (in reference to the deceased’s well-endowed back side), as against the more familiar ‘TT’. The origin of the nickname would continue to remain confidential between us!!!,”he said.

Incidentally, Nana Addo completed the University nearly failing; he got a third class certificate.

With this picture and many other stories making the rounds, Ghanaians should not be surprised if the country witnesses a Monica Lewinsky scandal, which rocked the Bill Clinton presidency in the US or the Gizelle Yadzi and Kufuor debate, in the unlikely event that Nana Addo becomes president in January 2013.