Feature Article of Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Columnist: Clive, Bernard Kelvin

The Greatest Loss in Life

Death is unjustly just. Life seems short and passing every moment . Death
is inevitable, and the truth is that we cant get out of the life alive, we
will all go through that gate - death. Nevertheless, I believe a life well
lived weather short or long, makes more meaning than the length of days. As
I rightly agree with Normn Cousins - "Death is not the greatest loss in
life. The greatest loss is what dies within us while we live". My call to
you tody is , rise up and live your dreams, do not let your dreams die. For
we are just passing through this life but once, let's engage our talents
and our gifts to serve humanity and make the world a better place, Live
fully and die empty.

God bless Ghana, God bless Africa, God bless the world.

Below is a poem dedicated to the Late President John Atta Mills(Ghana) by
Romeo Adzah Dowokpor

Now that l am gone
Gossip and tell not lies about me
Now that l am gone
Stop calling me names
Now that l am gone
l urge you all sons and daughters to embrace peace
Now that l am gone
You would realize my "father for all" message is what we need as a nation

Now that l am gone
The eagle and elephant that bay for the blood of each other

Are now mourning and weeping after my demise
Now that l am gone
You should by now know that living as brothers and sisters

ln love and forgiveness is the way to go
Now that l am gone
My face would not be on the ballot on December 7th
Now that l am gone
l wish you could all live in peace as Ghanaians
Now that l am gone
The issues of my medical check up or medical treatment is of no significance

Now that l am gone
Pray for my soul to rest in perfect peace
Now that l am gone
Tell my wife and son to take heart
Give and show them your love and comfort on my behalf

Now that l am gone
l hope all the intra and inter party acrimonies would cease

Now that l am gone
Promise me to go through the December elections in peace

Now that l am gone
l pray the heavens rain over Ghana in peace and love

My brothers and sisters
Now that l am gone
Forgive me if l ever hurt you
For man is not infallible and immortal
Now that l am gone
Let it dawn on you that you are also not here forever

Now that l am gone
Let all the political tension cease and let brotherly love continue

Now that l am gone
Now that l am gone
Now that l am gone
This poem is dedicated to the memory of His Excellency President John Evans
Fiifi Atta Mills, Former President of the Republic of Ghana, whose sad
death occurred on the 24th of July 2012.

Copyright (c) July 2012 Romeo Adzah Dowokpor www.comraderomeo.com

Bernard Kelvin Clive
(Author/ Motivational Speaker)

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