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Agya Koo in NY

Bronx, NY -- Popular Actor and Stand Up Comedian; Agya Koo completes his one month tour
in America.

Ghanaweb caught up with the funnyman in the Bronx, NY as he was preparing to
go to Germany for a triple event and then finally bound for Ghana. In a
brief interview; Agya Koo first and foremost expressed his sincere gratitude
to the US fans for their patronage and expressed his appreciation to Papa
Shee'e for offering his help when he arrived in New York for his comedy
show. He said he has great projects in the pipeline which include; a new
album slated for release in 2008; his own film production where some scenes
would be shot in the Bronx, New York and a documentary on his life. He
pointed out a song he did in collaboration with an artiste and was getting
major airplay in Ghana.

Agya Koo mentioned that he will return to the USA for a Christmas Eve event
with NY based music star; Papa Shee'e. More information on the Christmas Eve
event will be announced very soon on Ghanaweb.

The down to earth and very friendly Actor who has taken the world by
storm felt proud as he spoke about a huge number of new Ghanaian movies set
for release very soon. This shows a great demand for Ghallywood in the

He said he would be taking his next show in America to another level so fans
should expect more from Agya Koo, the pride of Oseikrom in the future.

Agya Koo and a host of others have been credited with completely
transforming the face of Ghanaian films like never before.

The spotlight is brought courtesy of *MAX $ MAX LLC - (908) 810-1896, (973)
679 4316

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Agya Koo surrounded by some of his fans
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Agya Koo NY pose - "WEST SiiDE, Yea, yea"
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Mr. CNN welcoming Agya Koo to New York
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Agya Koo and his family who reside in NY
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Agya signing autograph
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Agya and Christina pose
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The handsome Actor/Comedian in a portrait
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Agya Koo and his crew pose