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Fashion Designer, Afua Sam & Studio D-Maxsi

Efua Sam based in the Washington Metro area deserves a spotlight, a Ghanaian
Fashion Designer, Enterpreneur, hard working and down to earth who is making
a name for herself and destined for superstardom in the world of fashion.

Ms Sam who learned the trade as a Seamstress in Ghana, is definitely proud
to be a Ghanaian who has her dream come true in the land of opportunity; the
great United States of America. The place where one can change from nothing
to something.

Afua Sam is a great example to many who would like to have a career in
Fashion Design and own their own businesses. Like Rev. Jesse Jackson said;
"Keep Hope Alive"

Recognition is given where recognition is due.

STUDIO D-MAXSI is one of the fastest growing fashion houses in the
Washington, DC metropolitan area. With unique, innovative, and edgy designs,
AFUA SAM of Studio D-MAXSI creates women's wear masterpieces for the chic
and funky modern woman.

Afua's journey in fashion and design started at a very young age in
Ghana. In 1995, Afua migrated to the United States where she worked numerous
jobs including a seamstress position at a sweatshirt company; leading her to
additonal fashion work for several local designers such as Hobo Shop,
Machunnu House of Style, KOKO Fashion Gallery Med, and S.J. Fashion.

Over the years, Afua's sense of strength and purpose has grown tremendously
allowing her to broaden her horizons and use her sewing experience to create
an empire; a legacy that her children could inherit. Her vision and focus
gave birth to Studio D-MAXSI. The name is derived from the initials of her
children - MAwuko and SelaSI e (the "D" stands for design and the "X" is
included for phonetic reasons). Hard work, determination, and self sacrifice
have kept Afua motivated.

Now, standing as the humble yet vivacious CEO of STUDIO D-MAXSI, Afua has
become one of the most sought after designers in the DC area and
participates in numerous fashion shows. She counts her Ghanaian roots and
rich culture as one of her many inspirations for the creation of her
designs. Afua's brand of elegant yet edgy collections has gained her a
diverse clientele that includes Jamie Foster Brown of Sister 2 Sister
Magazine, Glynn Jackson of the Golden Scissors Awards Show, and Kenny
Flannagan of KAS Collection. Afua has also been featured in magazines and
T.V. shows including the March issue of COUNCILCOMMUNICATIONS - a premier
online fashion magazine where Afua is a Fashion Designer, THINK TALK TV

Efua Sam, Fashion Designer in her own words;

It is my faith in GOD that has brougt me this far. I grew up poor
and because of my father's untimely death, I had a tough growing up. My mom
is my biggest strength. I have been very blessed to have very good people in
my life.

My Family and Friends, YOU ARE THE BEST. Along the way I have had some
good advice from MR. JEFREY WUTOH (CEO OF PharmaScientific IN GHANA AND IN
THE USA) when I first came to America.

My advice to everyone who has a dream, DON'T GIVE UP. It does not matter if
you are poor or from a village, BE FOCUSED, SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE

I'm always passionate about AFRICA and I'm looking for the opportunity

Look out for D-MAXSI in Ghana in the near future.

We encourage the Ghanaian community and the world at large to patronize Afua
Sam in her endeavor. Please contact her via email @ amonoo66@msn.com

The RUNWAY photos is Courtesy of DC FASHION WEEK and Photo shoots
are courtesy of councilcommunications.com

*In honor of Afua SAM - D-MAXSI By

*Afua A. Sam, D-Maxsi, Ghana, Fashion Designer *

It's more than just cloth hanging on a rack.

It's more than just fabric blowing in the wind.

Through the eyes of fashion designer Afua A. Sam, a simple cloth is
transformed into garments of splendor.

With a needle and thread she stitches seamless artwork of majestic beauty
and casual wear.

Her work is seen by thousands of people each month on Council online
magazine and down runways across the United States.

With a needle and thread this aspiring designer has set herself apart from
many others in the field. She stays true to her heritage and respects the
boundaries of other cultures. Her work is the essence of style and honor.

With a needle and thread she sews with love and compassion for family. Her
kindred spirit keeps lit a life-long dream of reunion.

I am reminded of endless hours of photo shoot preparations. A stitch here
and a stitch there, help reinforce her commitment and dedication to the

It is my honor to proudly proclaim ? that Afua Sam of D-Maxsi Designs is
showing the world that she is a force to be reckoned. May God continue to
bless you with your needle and thread in hand.

Best regards,

Jerald Council


Council Magazine

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Fashion Designer, Afua Sam pose
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