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Diasporian News of Saturday, 4 February 2012


Ghanaian account manager in Canada Sued

The Royal Bank of Canada is suing a former Halifax account manager for $110,220.10 it allegedly lost in a fake account fraud.

In documents filed in Nova Scotia Supreme Court on Wednesday, the bank said it fired Makafui Atoklo on Jan. 9, 2012, after an investigation revealed that between March 2011 and October 2011 he allegedly defrauded the bank by misappropriating funds for personal use, including the down payment on a property.

In its statement of claim, the bank alleged that in March 2011, Atoklo asked a colleague at its George Street branch to create an account profile for Mawuli Atoklo, who he said was his brother.

The bank alleged that while it is unknown if the defendant has a brother named Mawuli, at no point has someone with that name resided in Canada or had any connection with a Royal Bank account, product or service.

“Atoklo created fictitious details of Mawuli’s identity for the purpose of accessing credit through RBC to fund personal expenses,” the bank alleged.

The bank said false information and forged documents provided by Atoklo were used to create Mawuli’s client profile, to issue a bank client card and a Visa card in his name and to have him added as a joint owner of Atoklo’s employee account.

The plaintiff alleged that Atoklo asked a colleague to open a $20,000 line of credit in Maluwi’s name in August 2011.

In September 2011, the bank alleged that Atoklo asked another colleague to up that limit to $37,000 because he and his brother were buying a house.

Later that same month, the bank alleged that Atoklo asked the same colleague to increase Mawuli’s line of credit to $70,000.

In October 2011, the bank alleged that Atoklo used Mawuli’s client card to obtain a bank draft for $57,795.80 used as a down payment on a property.

In addition, the bank alleged that Atoklo used over $16,000 drawn from Mawuli’s line of credit and credit card for personal use.

As of Jan. 27, 2012, there was $69,281.27 outstanding on Mawuli’s line of credit account and $6,061.47 outstanding on Mawuli’s Visa account.

The bank further alleged that Atoklo created another fictitious profile in April 2011 to set up RBC debit, Visa and credit line accounts in the name of Maxwell Akpebu.

As of Jan. 27, 2012, the bank alleged that there was $20,238.87 outstanding under Akpebu’s line of credit account and $14,638.49 outstanding on Akpebu’s Visa account.

The plaintiff is seeking damages in the amounts outstanding, an order declaring it the beneficiary of a constructive trust over any property Atoklo may have acquired with funds misappropriated from the bank, an order declaring the bank the beneficial owner of the equity of redemption and any and all estates and interests that Atoklo has in the property. It is also asking for an order vesting in the bank any and all estates or interests held by Atoklo in the property, punitive damages, interest and costs.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

The defendant has 15 days to file a defence.