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Jun 6,2011
Inspirational and Motivational Quotes.
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HTTP://www.quotesforthemind.com is an inspirational and motivational quotes website that features some famous and non famous quotes from people that are highly inspiring.You can turn your life around by visiting this website on a day to day basis.
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May 30,2011
Advertise Your Product For Cheap
Promote Your Product For Cheap Price Ever visit our website and contact us now http://www.ghanatoghana.com/contact
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[Website: GhanaToGhana.Com]
May 21,2011
Paternity Testing in Ghana
Do you need to confirm or contest paternity or prove other type of family relationship? Are planning to immigrate to USA or UK and need to prove your family relatioship? Call us for DNA test. No blood sample needed!
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May 13,2011
GhKings.Com |Freedom For Music Lovers !
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Get daily updates about Ghana Music, Videos, Events, TV sessions from Ghana's 24hr Premier Music & Lifestyle Channel, FIESTA. Download quality Ghana music and Videos. Also Promote your music on GhKings.Com
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May 3,2011
How to write a Letter???
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Letter writing has become rare today.But Letters are required for different official purposes.

Letters can be formal or personal.

Formal Letters are Business Letters.
Business letter is the official document that carries great importance. May be it can be a proposal letter, thank you letter, letter of appreciation etc. Follow simple rules regarding the format, font and language to write the best business letters.

Check out for different business letters like thank you letter,application letter,sales letter,transfer letter,business announcement letter,etc.

Get different personal letters like friendship letter,love letter,birthday letter,etc.
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[Website: Letters]
Apr 24,2011
Denkyiraman Association of UK
A Registered Charitable Organisation for all citizens of Denkyira Traditional Area of Ghana residing in Great Britain.

Please visit us at www.denkyiraman.co.uk and see what contributions you can make to change the lives many back home.

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Apr 21,2011
Ghana & German Media Solutions
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We see ourselves as a multicultural enterprise that has made their task to solve its customer tasks customer-oriented, flexibly and cost-efficiently. Our engagement primarily refers to Ghana and Germany. This reflects again in our employees from both two countries. We speak the languages, we understand the mentalities, together one unbeatable team. We like to pass this success on over to you. When you choose G&G as your technology partner, you enter into a relationship that gives you access to the expertise and resources of a leading technology company.

Take advantage of powerful resources to boost your business operations, increase efficiency, and deliver the best in client service. Distinguish yourself from the competition and attract new business. Look to G&G for comprehensive, integrated solutions that can help you achieve your goals and increase profitability.
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[Website: g-gmedia.com]
Apr 20,2011
Software Development Company
Zaptech solutions is an India based software development company provide software development and software outsourcing services using Microsoft ASP.Net and PHP Open source.We have team of qualified software developers and web designers who are capable to develop any complex software solutions for your dream concepts.
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Apr 18,2011
Invest in the right place, they are paying!!!!!!!!
LEAD INVESTMENT COMPANY operates in global Forex market and Currency market, bases on the source of capital has been mobilized. Has been founded by a team of specialists with rich in experience in Forex and Currency fields.

LEAD INVESTMENT COMPANY prides to be a leading company and continuously get the success in the Global forex market. In the context, the global forex continuously changes, that is a very good time for the rich in experience people can earn much money. And we, by means of capital mobilization, indirectly help our investors - who have less experience in Forex market and have less ability to success if try to invest to Forex market by themselves - have the chance to earn the high profit from forex market. By investing to our program, that means you have invested to Forex market, but by the safest and most effect way. Experience and the fruit has been gotten are the solid basis for us to affirm to bring to all members of us a high, stable and safe profit.


Short term investments Investment period: 30 trading days

Medium term investments Investment period: 90 trading days

Long term investments Investment period: 180 trading day

visit here to beat your financial problems http://www.leadinvest.page4.me
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[Website: Leadinvest]

Actors Needed For A Hollywood Movie
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Do you dream of starring in a movie along side a major Hollywood Star? Well your dream is now near and close.

We here at Black Royalty are offering you the opportunity to show case your talent to a major hollywood producer who would be producing the movie.

This movie would the first of its kind and would have major African American acts included. Giving the chosen acts an opportunity of a lifetime and bigger & better things in the hollywood film industry.

For more information, click on the website link below. You may contact Cobby in Ghana for help with filming your audition professionally on +233-0246-523180. We look forward to watching you audition.

After uploading your audition clip, you are more than welcome to watch our Live Urban TV Streams from America, Ghana, Jamaica, Nigeria and Trinidad & Tobago as well as other Urban Media Contents from America. Feel Free to spread the word about Black Royalty and lets together build a social network that would help re-instate our status as Black Royals and not just Black People.
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Mar 18,2011
Generic Viagra, Cheap Viagra
Pharmacywebstore is one of the largest generic medication selection which is working with the most trusted, experienced and fully licensed pharmacists. It has over 2000 different drug product in store which is meeting the quality standards.
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Mar 10,2011
Earn up to Rs.25, 000/- PM through Fortune India S
Earn up to Rs. 25,000 per month Contact: 9727864655 Email: fortuneindiaservice@gmail.com (Miracle336) through simple online copy/paste work.100% Legitimate, Genuine & Scam Free Online Copy/Paste Jobs. Work at Home in your spare time. No work load, No Time Limit. Daily Basis Payment  
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Feb 17,2011
Special invitation to Join Talazo.com
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Special invitation to Join Talazo.com

We are offering you a special invitation to join one of the fastest growing social networking website for Ghanaians and Africans from all over the world. You will find numerous features on talazo.com that will make your online social activities an enjoyable one.We hope to see you soon on talazo.com .Thank you very much.
Talazo.com:Fastest Ghanaian Social Networking site
What to Look for in Talazo.com
The phenomenon of online social networkingâ??made extremely popular among Ghanaians and other Africans , has evolved to include more than the teenage stereotype looking to expand his/her network of online friends. People of all ages and backgrounds have discovered that they can enrich their lives through the contacts they make on a social networking website like talazo.com.Below are the criteria Top Ten REASONS while you should join talazo.com today:

The heart and soul of talazo.com is userâ??s personal profiles. Itâ??s like their own Internet sanctuary, a place where they can express their thoughts and feelings, post photographs and show off their network of friends. Talazo.com makes it easy to use yet still reflective of the userâ??s personality.

The Internet can be a comfortable place to post personal information. Talazo.com provides the ability to set profiles to private in some way or another. Additionally profile have the ability to report and block users.

Networking Features
Talazo.com goes above and beyond just allowing users to post profiles and update pictures. Additional features include music sections, video uploads, groups and more.

The object of talazo.com is to find friends and expand relationships. Talazo.com allows members to search for other members in a safe and easy to use environment. Common search functions include search by name, city, school and email address.

Talazo.com is a self-explanatory. However, in the off-chance a user needs help there needs to be some way to contact the webmaster or answers in an FAQs section.

Legitimate Friend Focus
The growing trend for social networks on talazo.com is to communicate and keep in touch with people you already know. No one wants to be inundated with unsolicited spam friend requests. The best social network sites keep profiles and search options private enough that the only people that can find you are the ones actually looking for users in their own school or neighborhood networks. Even with a completely public profile, users shouldnâ??t be bothered with more than a couple of unsolicited comments or messages
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[Website: talazo.com]
Feb 14,2011
Jobs and Business in Ghana
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Jobs,Employment advice, business directory,events etc.
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[Website: www.myjobgh.com]
Feb 8,2011
Vermont Bed and Breakfast
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The Wilmington Inn and Tavern is a romantic bed and breakfast, mount snow restaurant located along the Deerfield River in mountains of Southern Vermont.
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Jan 11,2011
Video For Business Promotion
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Icecube Media is your way towards the most comprehensive video production, video streaming, live streaming and video on demand solutions. We also deal in video confrencing and distance learning video applications. Its a pre-requisite for every business large or small scale, to promote their products and services with the latest video marketing trends. Our clients business firms and big players in the entertainment industry. include, video producers, small and large For a detailed analysis of our offered services, you can visit our website - http://www.icecube.no
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Jan 10,2011
A blog that offers encouragement and hope for living.
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Jan 3,2011
Ghanadate.NET - Your Friendly Ghanaian Community
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Your leading Ghanaian dating site linking the world to Ghanaian women and Ghanaian singles sends you a warm welcome. Search through our singles that interest you. Communicate with 1000's of Ghanaian singles NOW using email, chat or our Forum.
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[Website: Ghanadate.NET]
Dec 23,2010
Web Development & Web Designing Company
L19 We are creating Website Developer & Software Developer. We are creating website in PHP. We are Professional PHP Web Developer, we done lots of projects in PHP through our company Webserve Technology. We take care that the project is completed according to clients satisfaction. Check my portfolio on my website.
Contact :- +91 9879590929
Email:- webservetechnology@gmail.com
Web : www.webservetechnology.com
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Dec 21,2010
2011 you want to prevent..??
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Free Predictions year 2011 .
Astrology is the study of patterns and relationships of planets in motion, our birth chart, synastry with others, the make-up of elements and using that knowledge as a tool to find meaning. Astrology is a long-established method of exploring ourselves, our relationships and our place within the world. Astrology is the study of the influence that distant cosmic objects, usually stars and planets, have on human lives.you want to prevent 2011...?
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