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Nov 1,2015
Paradise Mauritius
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Let Elegance Holidays be your guide to discover the ease of Mauritius.
Sparkling waters, idyllic islands, wild sea lifeâ?¦this is the ultimate holidays dream destination.
The most historic ocean opens its door to let you discover the luxury of Mauritius. To be assured of dazzling memories, you must enjoy every moment. We take you on a scenic flight to places where the colours , the beauty and the sensations ensure an experience you will never forget. You can explore the island by transport and discover the wild & wonderful spots. You can try the sugar adventure museum, take a walk in the Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam Botanical Garden and also enjoy some shopping in Port Louis city. For those who prefer the sea, a diving introduction course will give you an overview of the beautiful underwater world.
And finally, for those who really want to relax amidst golden sands and blue waters, your holiday in Mauritius awaits you â?¦ A unique journey where dream beginâ?¦
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Oct 25,2015
All the best deals, coupons, promotions in one pla
This website is the newest and best place to find the best deals around.
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Oct 13,2015
Join Suomotv
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SuomoTV is a fast growing social market place to create free forums,meet new people, submit Youtube videos, advertise or sell anything for free
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Oct 3,2015
New jobs in Ghana
Are you Looking for New jobs in Ghana, you can check job for Africa to get latest and Best jobs in Ghana today
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[Website: Job for Africa]
Sep 29,2015
Professional Photographer
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Christopher Hill Photography is a professional photographer covering the UK and Europe.
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Sep 9,2015
American-Curriculum Based High School in Ghana
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We are pleased to announce ongoing enrollment of high school students (Grades 9-12) who only need the computer and the internet to attend classes. The curriculum is American-based and our fees are not only moderate, but have flexible payment options.

What is more! We are ACCREDITED and so graduates will get admission to several thousands of US universities after graduation. SAT/ACT preparation is part of our curriculum and so we guarantee high scores for our students and possibility of grants and scholarships.

We help with college placement for students who need help to choose the right course and university, and in some cases, even look for host families for students who may need them.

Though online, we have started opening centers in Accra, Kumasi, and the other regional and district capitals so students don't have to travel far for their education high school.

We have several support systems in place in Ghana and the United States for both parents and students who will email or call us.

We also have online bachelors, masters and doctorate degree programs for working adults from accredited universities.

Contact us now at or By phone call +1-774-545-2019, 1-508-459-2404 or +1-774-232-0055.
To connect with us on Skype, our username is 'kwaakumac'. Search for us on Facebook and connect with us and Like us!
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Aug 19,2015
Support our NGO
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Aug 12,2015
Order Pastries & Cakes Online ~ We Deliver ~
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Visit our store at and place your order. Mobile and online payment accepted. We sell all types of pastries and accept custom orders *** Pastries * Breads & Rolls * Pies & Tarts * Birthday Cakes and MORE
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Aug 11,2015
How To Create A Superset Workout
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When you teach challenging, you moldiness death harder. Depriving your ego of proper breathe is truly a steady misconception that a lot of men and women do in exercise. In soul you are employed your body, you possess to death it every only when in a whilst. Strained muscles individual to be unagitated from instant to period. for occurrence, if you would similar to learn broader shoulders and furniture, you must maintain absent from strenuous workouts apiece day for the understanding that it is achievement to do the add paired.
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Aug 5,2015
Free Seo

1. What is SEO, Exactly?

The goal of foundational SEO isn't to cheat or "game" the search engines. The purpose of SEO is to:

  • Create a great, seamless user experience.

  • Communicate to the search engines your intentions so they can recommend your website for relevant searches.


2. What Search Engines Are Looking For

Search engines want to do their jobs as best as possible by referring users to websites and content that is the most relevant to what the user is looking for. So how is relevancy determined?

  • Content: Is determined by the theme that is being given, the text on the page, and the titles and descriptions that are given.

  • Performance: How fast is your site and does it work properly?

  • Authority: Does your site have good enough content to link to or do other authoritative sites use your website as a reference or cite the information that's available?

  • User Experience: How does the site look? Is it easy to navigate around? Does it look safe? Does it have a high bounce rate?

3. What Search Engines Are NOT Looking For

Search engine spiders only have a certain amount of data storage, so if you're performing shady tactics or trying to trick them, chances are you're going to hurt yourself in the long run. Items the search engines don't want are:

  • Keyword Stuffing: Overuse of keywords on your pages.

  • Purchased Links: Buying links will get you nowhere when it comes to SEO, so be warned.

  • Poor User Experience: Make it easy for the user to get around. Too many ads and making it too difficult for people to find content they're looking for will only increase your bounce rate. If you know your bounce rate it will help determine other information about your site. For example, if it's 80 percent or higher and you have content on your website, chances are something is wrong.

4. Know Your Business Model

While this is pretty obvious, so many people tend to not sit down and just focus on what their main goals are. Some questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • What defines a conversion for you?

  • Are you selling eyeballs (impressions) or what people click on?

  • What are your goals?

  • Do you know your assets and liabilities?

5. Be Consistent With Domain Names

Domain naming is so important to your overall foundation, so as a best practice you're better off using sub-directory root domains ( versus sub-domains ( Some other best practices with domain names are:

  • Consistent Domains: If you type in, but then your type in just and the "www" does not redirect to, that means the search engines are seeing two different sites. This isn't effective for your overall SEO efforts as it will dilute your inbound links, as external sites will be linking to and

  • Keep it Old School: Old domains are better than new ones, but if you're buying an old domain, make sure that the previous owner didn't do anything shady to cause the domain to get penalized.

  • Keywords in URL: Having keywords you're trying to rank for in your domain will only help your overall efforts.

Go here for more detail for Free SEO tips.

Old domains are better than new ones, but if you're buying an old domain, make sure that the previous owner didn't do anything shady to cause the domain to get penalized.
I am Erayn Walker from Los Angeles California. I have 6 year writing experience. I can write almost all type of topics.
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Aug 1,2015
Welcome to Events Decorating Academy

Visit our website at

for info and admissions.

Thank you
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Jul 28,2015
Affordable Website Design and Hosting in Ghana
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BRIVINK Consult & Technology is a Software Engineering Company with its Head Office based in Sunyani B/A, Ghana West Africa. BRIVINK offers software design for windows platform and website design for all Organizational Level.

With our team of specialist we offer web design in CMS option and HTML with PHP script.
BRIVINK also offer Computer Training and Consultancy services for institutions, Organizations and individual. We also offer supplies and installation of ICT Equipmentâ??s at all levels.

We have numerous of software designed by our teams of specialist of which we offer some for FREE Downloads and Configuration.
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[Website: Brivink]
Jul 25,2015

Hajisan Internet Cafe is located in Tamale. We are situated at Nyohini South (Bina-Baani), behind the Regional Headquarters of Ghana Highways Authority on the Tamale - Nyankpala Road, Tamale. Our Internet Cafe gives you 24/7 service with convenient, comfortable and reasonable rate.

Also, we offer the following;

General Secretarial services including the designing of Business, Wedding Cards etc.

General Online Applications including BECE & WAEC/WASSCE registration,

University/Polytechnic/College application and processing etc.

Mobile Money service (MTN, AIRTEL and TIGO & VODAFONE in waiting)

Downloading of applications on smart phones. Eg. Whatsapp

We look forward to doing business with you in Tamale.

Thank you.

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Jul 10,2015
African Dating site.
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African Dating site. Meet Africans, Meet black men and women
Visit Meet and date African and Black Singles.
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Jul 9,2015
online mp3 songs
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You can listen or watch New Upcoming Bollywood Mp3 songs, Hollywood songs, latest Video, Punjabi songs free online here on
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Oct 3,2012
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We sale and install anything satellite tv, Lcd/Led TV Brackets, Quality TV Antennas and many other related services.

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Jun 19,2012
SUKURA house for sale 00447480891612
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A large compound house for sale in accra SUKURA area 0044 7480891612 A large compound house for sale in flamingo junction area in SUKURA . A large 100/92 sq ft house ideal for housing, church, school, or hospital (clinic)interested person should call 0505873615. email
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Jul 12,2011
0505873615 ---- or ---026173636 For sale
0505873615 ---- or ---026173636 A registered House for sale A Large compound house ready for sale at accra flamingo -Russia labero junction area Ideal for clinic, school, church, hospital or Hotel call for more information . Document ready
00447480891612,,,,,,,,, ..... Clll
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Mar 14,2010
0044 7480891612 A compound house for sale SUKURA
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0044 7480891612 A large compound house for sale in flamingo junction area in SUKURA . A large 100/92 sq ft house ideal for housing, church, school, or hospital (clinic)interested person should call 0505873615.
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