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Oct 8,2014
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Will Sawney is a Presenter at www.lovemusicradio.net in London, England. Check out his weekly UK radio show every Thursday between 7 - 9pm GMT where you can hear the very best new and vintage Soul and Jazz-Funk.
REPLAY: http://www.mixcloud.com/lovemusicradio/the-will-sawney-soul-show-broadcast-thursday-25th-september-2014/

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Sep 30,2014
Website development/hosting & Emails
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We are an IT company that specializes in developing and hosting Professional websites for

Businesses and Individuals

Our Prices:

web hosting plus domain - GHC 200 per year

web development - GHC500 for a complete website

you can view some of our works at:






And many more...

Call: 00233 20 411 4777 or 00233 302 522 416

email: spike@sbjventures.com

website: http://sbjventures.com
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Sep 22,2014
fan, I have created a new page (( Ghana lotto vendor forecaster )) l want all my fans to go and search it, and when found should click the ''LIKE'' button.[[ Facebook ]]


GO THERE.........................................................
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Sep 8,2014
Free Business advice and tools
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Are you starting a business or looking for ways to grow an existing venture?

The synergy club connects you with successful business leaders, business advice, tools and information to help you start making money and living your dream life.
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Sep 4,2014
Radio Midas | Touch of Gold
For the best music and quality news look no further just logon to www.radiomidas.com
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Aug 27,2014
Latest jobs in Ghana
Job 4 Africa is a job portal that offer great jobs to those looking for jobs within and outside Ghana
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[Website: Job 4 Africa]
Aug 27,2014
Current jobs in Ghana
Find current jobs in Ghana today by visiting Job 4 Africa. The African job Portal
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[Website: Job 4 Africa]
Aug 21,2014
Become a host family
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Are you interested in providing accommodation to people from different cultures and do you like the idea of earning some extra money doing so? Great! At www.citybnb.com you can find guests looking for homestay accommodation just like yours.
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[Website: Citybnb]
Aug 13,2014
Help with Math Problems
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College Math help is no more difficult to fetch from the right source, as online company like Online Homeworks Help is there to employ unlimited solutions when you are seriously in need of such help. One only needs to get online and rest leave on the companyâ??s tutors. Call anytime and get throughout help.
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Aug 13,2014
for private contact only
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[Website: social]
Aug 7,2014
Search Engine
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Sleek, intuitive, and powerful search engine for everyone. A powerful search engine that allows you to search globally with over 1 billion search results in a few seconds. With 20GB of storage, Bazoogo Mail is the perfect email to accompany you.
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Aug 4,2014
Oracle Apps Technical Online Training
Oracle Apps Technical Online Training (One to One Personal Online Training)

Duration : 25 Sessions, Fee : 25,000 INR

For Course Fee, Demo and Time Slots, Contact at training@oracleappstechnical.com | sridevikoduru@oracleappstechnical.com | +91 â?? 9581017828 | http://www.oracleappstechnical.com

ORACLE APPS Technical Course Content

Introduction to ERP

â?¢ Definition of ERP
â?¢ Overview of popular ERPâ??S
â?¢ Comparison of Oracle Apps with other ERPâ??S
â?¢ AIM documentation standards
â?¢ Oracle Application Architecture.
â?¢ Database structure of OA
â?¢ Using TOAD

Types of Roles

â?¢ Functional Consultant and Roles
â?¢ Technical Consultant and Roles
â?¢ Techno-Functional Consultant and Roles
â?¢ Oracle Application DBA and Roles

Application Object Library

â?¢ System Administration and Application Object Library (AOL)
â?¢ Defining an Applications User and Assigning the Responsibilities.
â?¢ Understanding AOL and its Components
â?¢ WHO columns
â?¢ Creating Responsibilities
â?¢ Request group creation
â?¢ Menu Creation

Application development

â?¢ Defining concurrent program
â?¢ Concurrent programs with parameters
â?¢ Working with multiple concurrent programs
â?¢ Concurrent Program incompatibilities
â?¢ Creating Request Set
â?¢ Default Types
â?¢ Value sets

Registration of Custom Objects

â?¢ Report registration
â?¢ Registration of a Table
â?¢ Using AD_DD Package to register Database Component in AOL

Interfaces and Conversions

â?¢ Introduction to Interfaces
â?¢ Difference Between Interfaces and


â?¢ Outbound Interfaces
o Using UTL_FILE package
â?¢ Inbound Interfaces
o Using SQL * Loader tool
â?¢ SQL * Loader Concepts o Data File.
o Control File.
o Bad File.
o Discard File.
o Log File.
â?¢ Working with staging table script
â?¢ Developing validations package
â?¢ Standards to be followed in conversions
â?¢ Using oracle APIâ??s in Interfaces and


â?¢ Interface Tables and Error Tables
Flex Fields
â?¢ Overview of flex fields
â?¢ Types of Flex Fields
o Descriptive Flex Fields
o Key Flex Fields
â?¢ Step in creation of DFF
â?¢ Flex fields tables and relations


â?¢ Overview of profile options
â?¢ Different levels in Setting profiles
â?¢ Steps in setting a profile option
â?¢ Some important profile options
â?¢ Some important APIâ??s of profiles

Value sets

â?¢ Overview of value sets
â?¢ Options in value sets
â?¢ Types of value sets
â?¢ Creation of value set
â?¢ Overview of value set tables
â?¢ Usage of $FLEX and $PROFILE

Multi Org Concepts

â?¢ What is Multi Org and why we need.
â?¢ Multi Org Tables.
â?¢ Multi Org Viiews.

Functional Modules Overview

â?¢ Overview of Procure to Pay Flow (P2P Cycle)
â?¢ Overview of Order to Cash Flow (O2C Cycle)
â?¢ Major setups and transactions
â?¢ Overview of important tables in PO,INV,OM,AP,AP,GL

Reports in Oracle Applications

â?¢ Introduction and Usage of USER_EXITS.
â?¢ Developing a Report from scratch as per Client Requirement.
â?¢ Developing a Report based on MD 50 Document.
â?¢ Customization of Oracle Standard Reports.
â?¢ Reports Registration Steps in Oracle Applications
â?¢ Standards to develop a report in Oracle Apps

Forms in Oracle Applications

â?¢ New Form Development Process
â?¢ Form Registration in Oracle Applications.
â?¢ Calling one Form to another Form by using Button
â?¢ Master-Detailed Forms
â?¢ Form Personalization in Oracle Applications
â?¢ Form Personalization v/s Form Customization

Development of XML Reports

FAQâ??S in Oracle Apps Technical

About Training

I am Sridevi Koduru, Senior Oracle Apps Trainer at Oracleappstechnical.com With 8 Yrs Exp on Oracle Apps and 13 Yrs IT Exp Providing Online Training on Oracle Apps Technical, Oracle Apps Financial Functional, Oracle Apps SCM, Oracle Apps HRMS, Oracle Financial for Indian Localization, SQL, PL/SQL and D2K. I have Provided Training for 500+ Professionals Most of them are Working in Real Time now.

Contact for (One to One Personal Online Training) on Oracle Apps Technical, Oracle Apps Financial Functional, Oracle Financial for Indian Localization, Oracle Apps SCM, Oracle Apps HRMS, SQL, PL/SQL and D2K at training@oracleappstechnical.com | sridevikoduru@oracleappstechnical.com | +91 â?? 9581017828 |

LinkedIn profile - http://in.linkedin.com/pub/sridevi-koduru/8b/76a/9b8/
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Jul 26,2014
HP Printer not connecting to my laptop.
I had an issue while connecting my 2 year old HP printer to my brother's laptop that I had borrowed for starting my own business. I used a quick Google search to fix the problem but that did not help me.

I then decided to get professional help to solve my problem. After having received many quotations from various companies, I decided to go ahead with Online Tech Repair (www.onlinetechrepairs.com).

Reasons I chose them over the others:
1) They were extremely friendly and patient with me during my initial discussions and responded promptly to my request.
2) Their prices were extremely reasonable.
3) They were ready and willing to walk me through the entire process step by step and were on call with me till i got it fixed.

How did they do it?
1) They first asked me to state my problem clearly and asked me a few questions. This was done to detect any physical connectivity issues with the printer.
2) After having answered this, they confirmed that the printer and the laptop were functioning correctly.
3) They then, asked me if they could access my laptop remotely to troubleshoot the problem and fix it. I agreed.
4) One of the tech support executives accessed my laptop and started troubleshooting.
5) I sat back and watched as the tech support executive was navigating my laptop to spot the issue. The issue was fixed.
6) I was told that it was due to an older version of the driver that had been installed.

My Experience
I loved the entire friendly conversation that took place with them. They understood my needs clearly and acted upon the solution immediately. Being a technical noob, I sometimes find it difficult to communicate with tech support teams. It was a very different experience with the guys at Online Tech Repairs. You can check out their website www.onlinetechrepairs.com or call them on 1-914-613-3786.
I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who needs help fixing their computers.
Thanks a ton guys. Great Job....!!
ID: OTR214402
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Jul 20,2014
Do you want to make friends?
Do you want to make friends?

World wide penpal firends website.

You can make friends from USA, U.K, Russian, Japan, Korea, China and other various countries.

You can use this website with PC and Smartphone

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Jul 19,2014
Study, Work or Visit Canada
The future belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dream. Let us help you become a legal resident of Canada. To find out if you qualify, visit www.hibridcanada.net for your free assessment.
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Jul 17,2014
War of Morality
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Learn the secret of our success by reading War of Morality by Augustine Sherman.
Go to: http://www.amazon.com/kindle/dp/B00FA7AAYO/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_eos_detail or
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Jul 14,2014
For prego moms looking to give birth in USA
need a doctor, hospital, place to stay, means of getting around, a ride from the airport, etc....?
check us out on the web
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Jul 14,2014
Offshore Oil and Gas Job Vacancies.
There's an on-going recruitment of applicants for an Offshore Oil And Gas Company. Interested applicants should follow the link for consideration.
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Jul 12,2014
Get dependable ssl certification from mastercomput
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SSL certificates by Mastercomputech unlimited servers with the strongest encryption and highest authentication available.
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Jul 9,2014
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we have MTN Mobile Money.

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